May 27th prisoner letter writing night at Hydra Bookshop

Join Bristol ABC and friends from 5-7pm on the 27th of May at Hydra Bookshop, Old Market, BS2 0EZ for our semi-regular letter writing night; get your questions about writing to prisoners answered, learn about class struggle prisoners and anti-prison struggles across the world, and maybe get a pen-pal of your own!

Here’s an excerpt from a letter of thanks we received after sending out 10 or so cards at the Anarchist Bookfair to show you how much this communication means to those who are locked up:

“Thank you so much for your wonderful card of solidarity and support that really lifted my spirits and diminished considerably the feeling of isolation that my current very difficult situation creates. […] I really was grateful to receive your card and it really did raise my morale and reassure me that I’m not completely alone”

-John Bowden

Florence, Italy – Address to write to Michele, in prison since the 20th of April following clashes with the police after a concert

On the 23rd of April the arrests of three anarchists carried out in Florence on the 20th of April following clashes with the police after a concert, was validated. Two of the arrested comrades were granted house arrest, with restrictions, but Michele is still in prison pending the possibility of house arrest.
To write to Michele:
Michele Lai
C.C. Sollicciano
Via Minervini 2/r

Genoa: comrade on trial 7 April for writing in solidarity with prisoners

From croceneranarchica. Translated by act for freedom now.

On 28th April 2015 the carabinieri R.O.S. dei carabinieri , on order of prosecutor Federico Manotti, searched a comrade from Genoa and put him under investigation for ‘publicly instigating to commit acts of terrorism and publicly defending a crime of terrorism […]’, referring to a piece of writing, ‘To those who don’t dissociate themselves’, published on various sites of the movement and signed by a comrade, a piece in response to ‘The dot on the i’, a text that circulated in the internet shortly after the kneecapping of the managing director of Ansaldo Nucleare Adinolfi.

In Celebration of May Day

May 1st celebrates international workers’ day with rallies, marches and events staged by workers all over the world. Texas prison slaves join this celebration behind prison walls, in recognition that out of the death of plantation slavery in the United States, the 13th Amendment, U.S. Constitution, was enacted in 1865 legislation legalizing slavery “as a punishment for crime”, becoming THE NEW JIM CROW of mass incarceration of the poor, mainly of PEOPLE OF COLOR who are disproportionately represented in the U.S. Prison Industrial Complex, a $2 billion a year industry sustained with forced labor of our nation’s prisoners without due compensation. It is this historical awareness that has become the motor force of prisoners in Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina, California, Washington, Oregon, among other states, of prisoners rattling their chains of slavery protesting inhumane prison conditions, institutionalized racism, legalized prison slavery and the repeal of the 13th amendment. The prisoners’ movement for human rights, and for human dignity do not end with admission into the prison system, for whatever reasons landed them in prison in the first place. Workers on the outside must support the just demands of all prisoners in linking these struggles – which are one and the same.

Further, this year also marks the 130th anniversary of the May 4, 1886 rally at Haymarket Square in Chicago, called to protest a police riot the day before. Socialists and anarchists joined hands in protest and were framed up and executed or sentenced to life in prison for the explosion of a police-planted bomb at the May 4th demonstration, to justify a police assault on the protesters and to repress the activists, and destroy their movement by use of extrajudicial means by the police. We celebrate the HAYMARKET SQUARE MARTYRS who were pioneers of the movement for the 8-hour work day, and who stood for workers’ rights.

TODAY, MAY 1, 2016, we urge all INDUSTRIAL WORKERS OF THE WORLD to unite and to fight for a shorter work day, for better wages, working conditions and for other workers’ rights, until the ultimate abolition of wage-theft slavery of global capitalism, its imperialism and corporativist fascism, and for the universal emancipation of labor from the chains of capital, and our total social, human liberation as a free people, without capitalist slave masters with the means of production in workers’ total control.


April 25, 2016
(Nahuatl for ‘seed’)


Police Violence at Old E’ -Witness Callout


Igor Has a Court Hearing!

The very first court hearing since the Fenix started will take a place in Prague city court on April 26-27th. The court is about the case of Igor Shevcov. An anarchist accused of fabricated attack on the house of minister of defense. During this so called attack nothing was damaged and no one got hurt. In the time of incident – which the ministers son mentioned in his first testimony – Igor could not be physically near by the house. More info about the case is in the pamphlet “Fenix did not rise from the ashes” page 5. Igor already had spent 3 months in remand and since September 2015 he has been out on probation. Part of the “deal” is that Igor could have not leave the Czech Republic at all and once a week he must go to visit the probation office. He can be sentenced uo to 15 years. Take friends and come to support a comrade, anarchist and great friend Igor to the court room! The solidarity is our strongest weapon!

Hambach forest activist Huba in jail

After the court case of LAUtonomia activist Sara on the 22nd of march at Cottbus district court, our compa Huba got arrested. Sarah was released
and got arrested straight away again for something else, but we don’t have info on why and for what. Sarah was in jail for a month for not giving ID after getting caught shoplifting. When leaving the courtroom civil cops and the screws held Huba at the door and confronted him with a warrant for his arrest. The same day he was before a judge in
Cottbuss. He came as a spectator for the court case and left in handcuffs.

Right now he is in the JVA Wriezen and will be transported to Aachen this week. He is charged with violent assault that allegedly happened the 11th of November, in the cutting area of the Hambach forest.

We do not know how long it will take for Huba to arrive in Aachen. prisoner transport normally takes quite a long time. Huba will be transported from prison to prison where he will be put in one person
cells with no access to books, sports or other things that you would normally get when you are in jail. When arriving in Duren he will be
before another judge.

We do not know how this is going to develop, what we do know is that this tactic of accusing activists of violent assault is very common in the Rhineland region (Hambach forest). These confrontations with
security and police are not filmed and the activists get accused of all sorts of stuff, then need to prove their innocence whilst on remand in jail until the court case which can take months.

This shit is getting fucking old and also annoying. Our comrades get run over by jeeps and kidnapped, get their noses broken, get beaten up in the copshop, don’t get to see doctors, all of this from the side of freaking RWE, and their fucking rented army of dumb security douche-bags, backed up by the cops. These evil companies and people are protecting one of Europe’s biggest Co2 emitters (RWfuckingE) that are killing the freakin’ planet. And now they started to call us terrorists.

You can post letters to Huba to the WAA and when there will be a post address available they will send the letters to the prison. When there is more information about Sarah we will make this known. But for now:

Send letters, make actions, be creative, write a song, talk about this stuff, get involved in struggle or campaign.

ABC Rhineland
z.Hd.: Huba
Kallsgasse 20
52355 Düren


none are free until all are free