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Paddy Besiris: New prisoner from Stokes Croft riots

Below are details and address for Paddy Besiris. Paddy would now appreciate support with letters being redirected by Bristol ABC:

Pleaded guilty in May 2012 to violent disorder during the Stokes Croft riots. Paddy was sentenced to 14 months, of which he will serve 7 months due to his early plea. He is a Greek socialist who was involved in various activist groups and recently moved from HMP Horfield after tying to unionise G-wing. Paddy appreciates letters, cards, newsletters and books.

Paddy Besiris c/o ABC
14 Robertson Road

Prisoner Lists July 2012 & Upcoming Events

International Prisoner List – July 2012 (Bristol ABC)

Revolutionary Prisoners in Chile – July 2012 (Bristol ABC pamphlet)

Sunday 8th July @ Kebele Cafe, Easton – 6:30-8pm
The famous Vegan Sunday Dinner
Featuring letter writing

Wednesday 11th July @ The Croft – 8pm
Benefit for Bristol Anarchist Black Cross
Vestiges (US) + Downfall of Gaia (GER) + Warprayer. £5 adv, £6 otd

Sunday 15th July @ Kebele Social Centre, Easton – 6:30pm
Talk on the Russian Anarchist Movement by Moscow ABC comrade
w/ Prisoner art exhibition launch night & vegan food

Prisoner List June 2012 (Updated) & Upcoming Events / Calls for Solidarity

PrisonerListJune2012 – from Bristol ABC

Monday 11th June
Day of Action in Support of John Bowden
Imprisoned since 1980, (and in fact for most of his life before that), John Bowden has been a thorn in the side of the English and Scottish prison systems for three decades.

Monday 11th June @ Kebele Social Centre – 6:30pm
International day of solidarity with long-term anarchist prisoners
Infonight/benefit evening featuring: Vegan food, discussion on Eric McDavid and Marie Mason’s case, and screening of the documentary “The Jeff Luers Story” (running time: 40 minutes).

Tuesday 12th June
International day of solidarity with anarchists in Instanbul

June 30th – 2nd July
Call for common actions in solidarity with Belarusian anarchists

Wednesday 11th July @ The Croft – 8pm
Benefit for Bristol Anarchist Black Cross
Vestiges (US) + Downfall of Gaia (GER) + Warprayer. £5 adv, £6 otd.

February Prisoner List – Radical Zine Fest

The New Year was welcomed in with demonstrations outside (and inside?) prisons around the world. Many of our comrades are still inside and struggling against a system which seeks to silence and erase them. Writing a letter or postcard may not seem like much, but it can make a big difference to someone on the inside – raise their spirits, let the screws know they’re not alone, keep them engaged in the struggles that they were involved in on the outside, and help them to navigate the prison system… Click here to download the prisoner list:feb prisoner list

No one forgotten and nothing forgiven!

Bristol ABC will also be at the Bristol’s first Radical Zine Fest to distro zines and do letter writing. The Zine Fest is noon to 6pm at Kebele, followed by a delicious vegan meal and mulled cider will be available after 6pm. Be there or be square!

Bristol Radical Zine Fest WEbsite

January 2012 Prisoner List

Too many prisons and not enough justice!

Things have been busy over the past little while, and there’s no sign that things aren’t going to let up soon. There are lots of folks inside who welcome support and solidarity. Download the prisoner list here:

prisonerlist_jan2012 (PDF)

prisonerlist_jan2012 (DOCX – word)

prisonerlist_jan2012 (ODT – open office)

Drop them a line and get stuck in!

No one forgotten and nothing forgiven!

November Prisoner List

November has been a busy month and we have seen the forces of global capitalism attempting to tighten their grip and control – murdering the planet and stepping on a lot of us along the way. Their so-called solutions to the economic crisis seem only to be streamlining and intensifying the power of capital. Many are not fooled and have been rising up! Folks have been inspired by the Occupy movement, unions are out on the streets (if only for a day), travellers and friends have resisted violent eviction at Dale Farm, campuses have been occupied as students continue to rebel, Maggs & Allen estate agents offices have been attacked in solidarity with those protesting gentrification and  the Factory eviction , Santander bank was attacked in Bristol, and much more… and after all this there are still folks inside who need our support and solidarity.

Bristol ABC does montly letter writing nights, or you can take a few minutest to write someone a card (but remember that whatever you say can be read by the screws).

No one forgotten and nothing forgiven!

Prisoner list_Nov2011

UK prisoner updates

First up, some good news!
Frank Fernie, a 20 year old student from York, serving 12 months for violent disorder during the March 26 anti-cuts demo, has been released early on a 7pm to 7am home curfew.

Secondly, we have another prisoner to add to our list, that we have been in touch with for some time:
Michael Newton (A6611CE) – HMP Preston, Wing C4–17, 2 Ribbleton Lane, Preston, Lancs, PR1 5AB
Serving 12 months for a J30 action and multiple other minor charges. This anarchist from Cumbria is due out on early release on 30 December (we hope).
Shortly before being arrested, Michael had compiled a fundraising dvd for prisoner support groups. If you asked about a copy you’ll know now why you never heard back. Michael welcomes letters, posters and pictures.

We have updated our prisoner lists with this info.