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Prisoner List October 2011

The latest list of ‘political prisoners’, compiled by Bristol ABC from a large number of sources, is now available.

As ever the updating of this list is a labour of love in these times of ever growing numbers of comrades sent down, as resistance mounts around the world against the horrors unleashed by the forces of capital and states everywhere. Whilst we endeavour to make sure the information is correct, we could fill a hundred pages and still not include all those who need solidarity & support – and thats without even having the confirmed info from many parts of the world. As it is, in many instances we are now putting in links to sources in other countries for you to follow yourself. Here is the list (updated 25 oct 2011):
As an open office doc – Prisoner list_Oct2011
As a pdf – Prisoner list_Oct2011

For an explanation of the need to support prisoners, and tips on writing to prisoners, see our resources page.
In solidarity with all those locked up and still struggling!

Some guides to help if you face going to prison

Being sent to prison is shit, even worse you are now a captive of one of your worst enemies, the state, so avoid it if you possibly can. But every day more people are being sent to prison, increasingly as a result of the ongoing social conflict between the bosses & politicians, and the rest of us.

Unsurprisingly therefore, the last year has seen a large growth in the number of ‘political activists’ imprisoned, as the state tries to intimidate our social movements. But don’t let the bastards grind you down. Be prepared.

Read these guides, but remember they are only guides, not the ‘law’, and the rules for courts and prisons do change all the time, often on the whim of those in authority. Read on: Continue reading

A passion for freedom

Readers with an interest in the struggle against the prison society will be interested in several newly released publications with an international flavour. With an increasing number of people facing court cases and prison sentences at a time of intensifying repression, and resistance, our movements need to stand firm and not be intimidated.

First up are 2 recently published pamphlets from Leeds ABC:
A passion for freedom – an interview with Jean Weir
One of UK anarchism’s most colourful characters, Jean Weir has been an international fighter for many decades now. As anyone who has met her will know, Jean is quite capable of talking for hours about her ideas, however she generally avoids giving interviews about herself, in rejection of the cult of the personality. This pamphlet gives an insight into her ideas, beliefs and experiences abroad, including time spent in prison for her actions. Continue reading

Free Renata Zelazna Letter Appeal

Campaign to support Renata
(Renata is a young Polish student and anarchist who has spent some time in the south of the UK involved in various campaigns and projects. After moving to Holland to pursue her interests, she ran into some serious shit. The following info has been circulated by some of her friends and supporters. There is plenty of background info to read here and here, and our previous report here).

Image circulated by Renata's friends

Renata Zelazna (aka Zebra) is a friend of ours, and a vegan and anarchist who is now on remand over an unfortunate chain of events. She was arrested in April 2010 in Holland where she had moved to study, after an altercation with construction site workers which ended up with police threatening her in her own flat. She was holding a knife that she was chopping vegetables with – leading to charges of attempted murder! Continue reading

Polish anarchist arrested in Holland

Renata Zelazna is a Polish anarchist and vegan that has been studying and living in Holland. She is also spent some time living in Brighton, UK.

Recently while she was staying in Holland, she was violently arrested by the Dutch police after a claim that she had thrown a stone at a machine on a building site. But during her arrest, it is claimed that there was some trouble, and the police are now trying to charge her with attempted murder of the policeman who tried to arrest her. More info can be found here. Continue reading

Judiciary backs the State and finds Smellie not guilty

The judge gave her verdict on Wednesday at Westminster magistrates court, in the non-jury trial of Sgt Smellie, the Met police TSG riot cop accused of assaulting a woman at last years G20 protests. Smellie had backhanded, and then hit twice on the leg with his metal baton, Nicola Fisher, the woman concerned. The question revolved around whether or not his baton strikes were excessive, as his backhander was deemed appropriate even by the prosecutor.

District Judge Daphne Wickham found no evidence had been provided to show use of the baton was not measured or correct. She said: “It was for the prosecution to prove this defendant was not acting in lawful self-defence. The prosecution has failed in this respect and the defendant has raised the issue of lawful self-defence and as such is entitled to be acquitted.” The judge said Sgt Smellie had a “mere seven seconds” to act when Ms Fisher ran in front of him hurling abuse at a vigil held on 2 April to mark the death of newspaper seller Ian Tomlinson at a previous demonstration. (from BBC report). Continue reading

Bent Bars – a queer prisoners support night

This months Bristol ABC meeting sees us join forces with the Bristol Queer Caf, for an evening focusing on the plight of queer prisoners, and how we may be able to support them.

We will be screening the film ‘Cruel and Unusual’ and follow that with a discussion about queer prisoner issues and how we can support from the outside. We will also have info available on the new ‘Bent Bars Project’. Continue reading

A Greek prisoner writes, and other news from Greece

Letter from Ilias Nikolau, Amfissa prison, 19th January 2009. First published here, with background info.
Continue reading

Another woman dies in prison – stop the killing

Yet another woman prisoner has died in prison, and once again it is at the widely condemned HMP Styal for women in Cheshire.

36 year old mother Alison Colk was found hanging in her cell on 8 January this year, apparently 1 day into a 28 day sentence. She was not on a suicide watch, and is the third woman to die by suicide at Styal in the last 20 months, and the tenth since 2002. There is a report in the local media here.
Continue reading