Advice on Arrest

(Some detailed advice for avoiding arrest, and supporting others, is here).

When arrested, the MOST important phrase you need is this: “NO COMMENT”. Whatever the police say, you still have a right to silence and giving a no-comment interview is normally your best chance of avoiding a conviction. Always say “No Comment” before, during and after any police interview. Avoid duty solicitors – get your own. Demand your phone call if arrested – call BDS (ring Sam Elliot on 07510283424), or a trusted friend. Never snitch on other people, don’t brag and don’t gossip. Beyond that, see:

Once you get out, if you have been charged with an offence, you will want to start preparing your defence and make sure you have a good lawyer. We recommend you pick one from the Netpol Solicitors List. If you aren’t happy with the solicitor you spoke to in the police station, remember that you can switch at any time. Bristol Defendant Solidarity can help with all of this – give us a call on 07510283424; or email bristoldefendantsolidarity [at]

Finally, if you were wrongfully arrested or mistreated by the police, you may be able to take them to court for compensation. See the Netpol Solicitor’s List for lawyers who have experience suing the police.

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