Close Supervision Centres – Torture Units in the UK. New Pamphlet from BristolABC. April 2012

Here to download – a collaboratively produced pamphlet from inside and outside the prison walls, for printing and distribution about Close Supervision Centres in the UK prison network.

With an introduction by Mark Barnsley of LeedsABC; many articles and texts from John Bowden, our comrade currently residing in HMP Shotts, Scotland; first hand accounts from inside these maximum security segregation units from prisoners such as Kevan Thakrar and Kyle Major; and many articles, testimonies and denunciations from families, supporters, and other people fighting against these degrading and despicable institutions; this text is a call-out for renewed pressure on the prison system and the web of screws, bureaucrats, health care professionals, managers etc. that enact overt and covert abuses on inmates of the CSC system every day.

The text will be available in paper format soon from Kebele Infoshop, 56a Infoshop, and further afield we hope. Please right click and click save as below to download in electronic format:

CSCs Torture Units in the UK SCREEN (for reading on computer)

CSCs Torture Units in the UK IMPOSED (large file – for printing as booklet)

CSCs Torture Units in the UK A4 (single A4 pages)


1. The ‘First Hand Account’ on Page 8 took place in 2003. The UK Indymedia post was made in 2011 but the event took place in early 2003. It should have therefore read:

“The Mufti Squad came into A wing super-seg Thursday 17th July banging their shields. Scott Napier took a bad kicking resulting in an alleged fractured jaw. Willi Moskimmin’s assault resulted in bruising to his eyes and a split nose. Robbie Stewart was viciously attacked, then transported to HMP Full Sutton segregation. Ray Gilbert was ghosted to HMP Long Lartin segregation unit. Scott Napier went to Milton Keynes General Hospital to have his jaw X rayed, and I understand that whilst there he was again assaulted. The screw whom I understand assaulted him the day before did it again despite Scott having complained about the officer the previous day.

Where is the rule that allows officers under investigation for assault to come into contact with their victims?
Where is the deterrent and accountability?
Where is our protection?
We demand an inquiry into Woodhill’s CSC.

Anon Resident, HMP Woodhill, 2003.”

2. Claire Hodson was and still is operational manager of the CSC regime. If there was any misunderstanding about this we apologise. We had written that she had been sacked but were kindly corrected and edited the mistake before most of the copies went to print. Unfortunately some may have got out and so please take note that she is still running the CSC regime.
As per reference in: CSC Referral Manual CSC Referral Manual Jan 2013

5 responses to “Close Supervision Centres – Torture Units in the UK. New Pamphlet from BristolABC. April 2012

  1. Hi..I fully agree with everything you have written in this son who is mentioned in this pamphlet was badly treated in this unit has now been transferred to a hospital after suffering psychological and physical torture at the hands of the PSYCHOTIC staff who man these units….my son is now being assessed properly by hospital psychiatrists psychologists specialists etc., since moving from the unit at Woodhill he looks healthy has gained weight…speaks more is not so confused but has been scarred mentally by the damage inflicted upon him in the Woodhill CSC….he has now nearly finished his assessment in hospital and has obviously suffered with underlying issues since childhood …they are not assessed whilst in Woodhill only mentally and physically tortured by the barbaric staff who man these units..the medical staff who work in these units are not concerned one iota about the inmates there..and this unit serves no positive purpose so should therefore be closed down…thankyou so very much for highlighting the treatment the inmates in the Woodhill CSC unit have to endure….Kat

  2. I would also like to add further to my first comment that the chairperson of the IMB dosent have a clue about the prisoners there and after a letter was sent to her last year.her reply was absolute nonsense even going as far as to say that the inmates that were being referred to are no longer in the unit and had been moved, absolute nonsense every inmate that was being referred to at that time were still there…my son being one of those mentioned….so what is her purpose as chairperson?…she hadnt a clue what she was on about… Kat

  3. I wrote an article for Insidetime Issue June 2010 “Great Well of Psychiatric Mordidity”…under the pseudonym name of Barbara Davis. All three CSC Units should be closed immediately!!!!!!

  4. the screws back each other up like the police

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