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Freedom for political prisoners fundraising calendar 2012

The USA remains not just one of the most unequal countries in terms of wealth distribution, but also one of the most oppressive.

Artwork - May 2012

Recent figures (end of 2010) indicate that it locks up some 2.4million people in its various prisons, an adult incarceration rate of about 0.8%, or just under 1 adult in every 100. In addition, over seven million more are under ‘correctional supervision’, and over 13 million pass through U.S. prisons and jails annually. America’s prison population has risen by some 1000% in 30 years. Unsurprisingly, two thirds are either unemployed or were surviving on an income of less than $5000 a year. At least 40% of women prisoners have young children. The USA imprisons more people than any other country in the world, and accounts for over 25% of the worlds prison population. Welcome to the land of the free. Not. With the US clamping down on its growing ‘Occupy’ movement with brutal robocops and chemical weapons (see Oakland – general strike 2 Nov & police repression;  Denver; Wall St), we can be sure the number of prisoners will increase.

Artwork - December 2012

Bristol ABC is pleased once again this year to be distributing the Certain Days ‘Freedom for political prisoners calendar 2012’. This is a long term fundraising, info & campaign project by Canadian activists & 3 long-term US political prisoners, who have collectively spent over 100 years inside prison. The 3 are all being held in maximum-security prisons in New York State, they are Robert Seth Hayes, Herman Bell & David Gilbert. Continue reading


Albert Woodfox of the Angola 3 moves prison after 40 years

Yes that’s right, according to a mailout by the Angola 3 campaign, Albert has been moved to another prison after more than 40 years, and for nearly the last 38 years he’s been in solitary confinement.

Just think about the complete inhumanity of that for a momentnearly 38 years in isolation, over 40 years in one prison, and most of that time for a murder he didn’t even commit. The American dream? Land of the free? What a sick joke. Its time to set them all free.

Albert Woodfox’s new address since the start of November is reported to be:
Albert Woodfox
David Wade Correctional Center
670 Bell Hill Rd.
Homer, LA  71040, USA Continue reading

Video on Gaza demo in London

Received by email: Thought you might be interested in this video about police repression during and after the gaza protests in London. As am sure you know, many people were repeatedly brutally attacked by the police in their own homes. Its only five minutes, so doesn’t go into much detail, but it is punchy and should help to make people more aware of what happened in the past year… Would be good if you could publicise it too, as original attempts at publicising it went flat when the youtube link was stopped..:

For the video click here.

More info on NoMoreIsolation blog.

Support the London 2009 Gaza protesters facing heavy prison sentences

Early 2009 saw many protests in Bristol against the Israeli bombing of Gaza. In London there were a number of large angry marches opposing the bombing of families in Gaza. Some of those protesters are now facing heavy prison sentence. This report from NoMoreIsolation:

93 ARRESTED, 73 CHARGED, 10 JAILED SO FAR Continue reading

Ongoing discrimination against indigenous peoples in Canada

Yesterday 17 February saw a small low key protest in Bristol, organised in solidarity with the anti-olympic protests in and around Vancouver in the Canadian state of British Columbia. The protest was called after Bristol ABC hosted a cafe and info night at Kebele social centre on Sunday 14 February, which focused on the attacks on the rights of indigenous (native) peoples in Canada, and the ongoing theft of their lands – which has been going on for over 500 years.

The promotion and organisation of the winter olympics in Vancouver has stimulated growing resistance from a broad coalition of communities and campaign groups, that has received an increasingly sympathetic hearing amongst the wider population as the massive costs of the olympics has become clearer, and the information known about the environmental impact has become more detailed – for example in excess of 100,000 trees have now been felled to accommodate the olympics. The Canadian government faces growing anger in relation to the olympics, and the economic mess Canada is currently in. No surprise then that at the end of December 2009, the Candian PM suspended Parliament until early March 2010, in a move that also put an embarassing inquiry into Canada’s complicity with the treatment of detainees in Afghanistan onto the backburner. The olympics and democracy? Yeah right! Continue reading

Olympic Resistance – lessons to learn

As Britain’s 2012 summer Olympic budget gets ever bigger, and we face an ever greater financial bail out for it using public (our!) money, and whilst private contractors get fat on profits from so-called Olympic regeneration, and politicians preen themselves in front of the cameras, here comes news and lessons to learn from Vancouver’s 2010 Winter Olympics opposition: Continue reading

Prisoner support – cafe and film night in Easton

Bristol ABC cafe & film night – A legacy of torture & an introduction to insurrection Continue reading