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Protest against Close Supervision Centre system: 21st July

A secret world exists within the high security prison estate in England, known as the Close Supervision Centre (CSC) system. The dehumanisation of CSC prisoners begins at a very early stage, in the official justification for the creation of the CSC system, which focuses on the need to contain a new breed of unmanageable and unpredictable risks. It continues with the creation of classificatory categories of ‘dangerousness’ which objectify prisoners and make more of the category and less of the human in them, and it is reinforced by the tightly controlled and highly regulated routines.In addition to isolation and extremely restricted movements, prisoners’ in-cell belongings are carefully regulated and subjected to relentless scrutiny and inspection. Prisoners remain in CSC units for years, decades even, made frustrated, angry and bored by their experiences with few avenues to vent their anger and with almost no opportunities to advance through the system. All perceived acts of disobedience or non-compliance by CSC prisoners, even of the most petty kind, are responded to brutally by gangs of prison officers clad in full riot gear who show no mercy when demonstrating their authority and power, sanctioned by Prison Service management at the highest levels. Rather than controlling violence, as it officially aims to do, this hyper-controlled environment breeds it.Having now spent six years subject to the unofficial punishment of allocation to the CSC myself, it is clear that without real pressure to force the required change nothing but more negative and oppressive measures will be added.

Please lend your support for the abolition of the CSC system by attending the protest demonstration: 21 July between 12.30pm and 2.30pm outside the offices of the Prison Ombudsman and Independent Monitoring Board,  Rose Court, 2 Southwark Bridge, London SE1 9HS.

Kevan Thakrar
Close Supervision Centre,
HMP Wakefield,
5 Love Lane,
Wakefield WF2 9AG
Facebook: JusticeForKev

London: Noise Demo at HMP Brixton – 5th June

From London ABC:

Her Majesty’s Pleasure*? Stuff that!

A noise demo to show solidarity with prisoners at HMP Brixton, because frankly we don’t feel like celebrating 60 years of having a queen, especially a queen who takes pleasure from imprisoning our mates, comrades, and other fellow human beings. What kind of a sick mind takes pleasure from locking people up in prison? Prisons destroy people. They destroy familes, friendships, and communities too. Putting somebody in prison is an act of violence which contributes nothing real or positive and only brutalises those who are already struggling.

We don’t believe that prison is the answer to any question we have ever asked.

We want to show the people inside HMP Brixton that they are not alone, that they are not forgotten, that queen liz and her government have not succeeding in hiding them away from us, that we support them and give a shit about them. That we think prison is a crime.

So, please join us on 5th June, part of the so-called “jubilee weekend” for a noisy and spirited demo at HMP Brixton. We’ll meet outside Brixton underground station at 3pm to walk up to the prison together. Please bring things to make noise with, your mates, and your righteous rage.

Organised by London ABC, who can be contacted c/o Freedom Bookshop, Angel Alley, 84b Whitechapel High Street, London E17QZ or via our website at http://network23.org/londonabc

(* her majesty’s pleasure is the phrase used when someone is sentenced to prison, eg. you will serve 20 years at her majesty’s pleasure. Prisons in the UK are formally known as Her Majesty’s Prisons (HMP).)

Happy (Belated) Birthday Badger!

From Bristol Indymedia:


On Tuesday 16th April we visited the offices of The Evening Post in Bristol to wish a happy birthday to our Comrade Huw ‘Badger’ Norfolk who is currently on the run due to crimes relating to the building. We held a banner which read: “BRISTOL ABC: Every Prisoner Is A Political Prisoner” and wore badger masks to show our solidarity with him.

Happy Birthday Badger! Wherever you are!

Other photos: 1, 2

18 arrests as Mansion is evicted & drones conference resisted

Report and statement from members of Bristol Defendant Solidarity, ABC & Afed:

Squatters face up to riot police after the illegal morning eviction on Sunday 1st April

After losing to a possession order in court from the Bank of Scotland, squatters held another party at Clifton Wood House that ended with 11 arrests. At about 6am, police gained entry to the £3 million mansion under the Criminal Justice Act due to noise complaints, where they were met by a crowd of 35 angry ravers. The party goers then successfully resisted attempts to shut down the party by charging the cops to remove them from the building. Police responded by calling backup involving 50 officers, who closed off Clifton Wood Road, and proceeded to illegally evict the squatters from their home and seize sound equipment.

This led to a series of arrests from public order to assault pc as individuals attempted to resist the police led eviction. The video shows someone bleading from the nose during arrest and being threatened with a taser, followed by another person being dragged off in a neck lock by an officer defending himself armed with CS spray. Currently five people ranging from 17-19 years old have now been charged; two with assault pc (one who also has resisting arrest) and another two with section 5 offenses.

The next day in the centre a noise demo outside the 27th International Bristol Drone Conference consequently led to more arrests. Starting at around 9am on Telephone Avenue, by about midday around 80 people were making a loud racket with a sound system, pots and pans and a live band. Members of Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Bristol Against Arms Trade, Smash EDO and Bristol Amnesty took part in the action in solidarity with those facing drone attacks abroad in state warfare. Drone attacks have led to thousands of civilian casualties in conflict areas, and are often referred to as “remote killing machines”.

Monday 2nd April: People stood on windows frames banging windows looking in as warmongers attempted to eat lunch in peace.

A Palestinian flag was promptly hung at Armada House where the conference was taking place as people stood on windows frames banging windows to cause maximum disruption, while several arms dealers relied on the cops to leave due to the attention given by activists who pursued the warmongers around town. In response police arrived at 2pm with 5 support vans, initially seizing the sound system, then blocking off Marsh Rd before advancing from Baldwin Street towards Telephone Avenue after also blocking the road. They began attacking the demonstration, who strongly resisted being moved, leading to 7 people being arrested/detained on various different charges. These included public nuisance, public order, breah of the peace, obstruct pc and assault pc, as well as someone re-arrested in relation to the Clifton eviction.

Video | Pictures

Four out of the seven people arrested were eventually taken to to trinity road police station, after which activists held a solidarity demonstration outside the main entrance. The demo was lively with music and a fire place made from a washing machine drum to keep themselves warm. When police came out to demand that the fire be extinguished, protesters simply picked up the drum and moved it across to the roundabout much to the annoyance of the police who were having to carry a bucket of water. This happened again a few moments later when the fire was moved back to it’s original place and the police came out in larger numbers with an idle threat to call the fire service. By the end of this rather humorous game the police went inside to ‘research’ laws on contained public fires.

Eventually three out of four of the people arrested were released on bail with ridiculous conditions, for example a suspect was not allowed to congregate with 3 or more persons at a time. A bit weird, but it is the Avon and Somerset police we’re talking about here. The remaining person in custody was held overnight and was due in court the following morning. Additionally 3 people waited outside Southmead police station where others were taken, as nervously paranoid police covered up numbers plates on exiting the compound – concerned an anarchist database was being created!

As a result of the protest two activists are fighting the cases in court, while one person has been fined £150 for a section 5 offence (causing ‘alarm, harassment or distress’), someone accepting a caution, and another bound over for breach of the peace but charged with vandalizing a police cell.

It goes without saying Bristol Defendant Solidarity, Bristol Anarchist Black Cross and Bristol Anarchist Federation express full solidarity with all those arrested, charged and otherwise violently repressed by the police over these two days. While other groups may keep their distance, we will continue to support individuals through the courts and with their fines.

A benefit gig has already been organised to support the anti-drone and clifton defendants (full details to be announced very soon) while squatters and activists aim to legally oppose the eviction and police response to the noise demo, which were both caught on camera. Furthermore there is a march in solidarity with squatters facing evictions, charges & additionally threatened with homeless through the criminalisation of squatting.

Meet 1pm on Saturday 14th April @ Metropolis Stokes Croft to defend our squats!

Message about Luciano Demo

From Bristol Indymedia: Original Message

On Wednesday 21st March people from Bristol gathered to show solidarity with imprisoned Comrade Luciano Tortuga. This demonstration was called to coincide with the call-out for a Global Week of Solidarity starting on Tuesday 20th March.

Around 15-20 people gathered outside Bristol Central Library early in the morning with leaflets and a banner which read: “Solidarity! Luciano Tortuga! ¡Viva La Lucha En Chile!” The intended target was the Chilean Consulate in Bristol, which was located just a few streets away. After much confusion we discovered the Consulate, but were dismayed to find it only to be a small flat in a block of flats, on a narrow alleyway with no foot traffic.

Disappointed, people left. There were no attempts made to take a photograph of the demonstration at this point. The group wandered off and we began to think of other viable targets in the town centre which we could visit instead. Sadly nobody made the obvious connection between Luciano’s case and Santander bank, which has a branch in Bristol City Centre.

People left the demonstration and decided to go and join another protest that had been called in town for that same day. The group ended up forming a protest outside the local hospital against the recent privatisation of the national health service, which had happened the previous night.

People from the solidarity demo did later visit a film screening and infonight about the Chilean Struggle where the banner could be displayed and the leaflets handed out to people at the event.

Apologies for the lateness of this report. We would like to say sorry to Luciano and all other Chilean comrades for not posting this sooner.

In Solidarity.

March 21st: Solidarity demo for Luciano Tortuga

Poster | Leaflet

Meet 11:30AM outside Bristol Central Library

Luciano Pitronello, or “Tortuga” as his friends call him, was seriously injured on June 1, 2011 when an explosive device accidentally detonated as it was being placed at the entrance of a Santander bank in Santiago, Chile. After months of hospitalization and rehabilitation, he was indicted on two criminal charges related to the explosive device. His trial is scheduled to begin in April 2012.

The state prosecution has asked for a 15-year prison sentence for the comrade Luciano ‘Tortuga’, 12 years for terrorist offenses – use of an explosive device – and 3 years for using false license plates on the motorcycle used for the action. The trial is expected to begin in April. Tortuga is now in the Santiago 1 prison, in the hospital section.

Tortuga is an vegan anarchist committed to the struggle for animal and earth liberation.

We call for international solidarity , because we recognize neither borders not patriotism. let’s use every weapon against isolation!

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HMP Bristol NYE 2011 Prison Solidarity Demo

The evening started with a group of 20-25 people marching up Gloucester Road, Bristol to HMP Bristol in Horfield. They arrived at the Golden Lion Pub at 11.20pm and began to circle the outside of the prison. Once the group had reached the other side of the prison where inmates could see and hear the group they stopped.

“Happy New Year” and “Fuck the Screws” was chanted over the walls. Fireworks were fired into the prison courtyard. People then climbed up onto an outer wall and made noise by hitting the fence with hands feet and rocks.

Around midnight the first police vehicle arrived with 2 officers who came over to talk to the crowd. Everybody stood their ground and the soundsytem was then led away from the police to prevent them from nicking it. Another police vehicle then arrived with 3 more officers who quickly came over to the two other officers who by this time were surrounded, whereupon without warning they began to pepperspray people in the face and take people to the ground with batons in their hands. During this time more police vehicles arrived. A few people were hit with batons. Some stood trying to de-arrest others and support their mates who had been pepper-sprayed. Once the majority of the people had realised that the police had taken control of the situation people decided to remove the soundsystem and themselves from the area. People got away but 4 were arrested. Each arrestee had an individual vehicle to themselves.

As people were retreating shouts and banging (presumably from inmates) could be heard from within the prison walls, and the floodlights and hall-lights all lit up.

At the moment all the arrestees are out. One person was released charged with assault of a police officer, one was charged with obstruction of a police officer, one person was charged with various crimes including assault on a police officer, section 5 and criminal damage to a police video camera (which would hold evidence to the whole situation), the last person was held until late evening on the 1st of January 2012 due to not complying with the police. They all have unconditional bail.

People heard at the police station that there was a backlog of arrests because trouble had flared at a new years free party which the officers said they’d had to retreat from because of the large numbers of ravers they faced.

People stood outside Trinity Police station until all the 4 arrestees were released the next day.