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Letter from Anarchist Prisoner, Emma Sheppard, in support of the International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners


Letter from Anarchist Prisoner, Emma Sheppard, in support of the International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners.

For more info on Emma’s case see: https://bristolabc.wordpress.com/support-emma/

“The caged bird sings
with a fearful trill
of things unknown
but longed for still
and his tune is heard
on the distant hill
for the caged bird
sings for freedom”
– Maya Angelou

Our fearful trill is the combination of frustration, despair, indignation and defiance. The “Incentives and Earned Privileges” scheme that dominates prisons today goes a long way to silencing our songs through its passive coercion and pastoralism, but they always erupt sporadically.

“We count ourselves among those rebels who count storms, who hold that the only truth lies in perpetual seeking”
– Madya Tulokonnivan (Pussy Riot)

Being in prison has made me feel humble. My fixed-term sentence is short, and unlike many, I have a release date. I am humbled by the fire and conviction which fuels long term anarchist prisoners, and the many rebels in prison who are “perpetually seeking” in their own ways, free from (and often unknown to) the anarchist subcultures. Quietly rejecting and challenging authority everyday in a way to keep sane inside. These rebels and actions give me hope.

“Tigers are more beautiful than sheep but we prefer them behind bars”
– Bertrand Russel

I do not consider myself a tiger! But as Michael Gove said in his first speech as ‘Justice Minister’: “Civilisation depends on clear sanctions being imposed by the state on those who challenge the rules”. So they put us behind bars and try to drown us in petty regulations. But being here has just made me stronger and given a depth of my understanding of concepts such as privilege and solidarity. They labelled us ‘criminals’ and try to shame us into compliance, or rely on other prisoners to do their work – policing, pandering and grasping of imagined rewards and “earned privileges”. But knowing I am not alone in my struggle gives me strength and vigilance.

Gove has begin to change the rhetoric surrounding prisoners: we are now potential assets, we are to quote him, “a literally captive population”. He is promising early release for those who ‘show their chained attitude that they wish to contribute to society’.

We are led through our time by those benign dictators, our ‘Offender Managers’, who calmly construct our sentence plans and ‘therapeutic’ programmes (also known as prisons-within-prisons). The Prison “Service” is like an abusive partner: offering calming reassurances whilst deliberately alienating, excluding, and physically and mentally controlling us. This can never be a therapeutic environment.

Martin Luther King said we are all “caught in an inescapable network of mutuality. What affects one directly affects all indirectly”. These networks bear down on us in biased and relentless ways. Prison is often the final step for those who have been excluded and controlled by the wider mechanisms of the state their whole lives. The numbers of deaths (at the hands of the screws, filth and suicides) in custody and on the streets continue to rise, discussed and minimized. Self harm is rife within women’s prisons.

The Ministry of Justice plan to sell off many parts of the prison estate, its so called ‘dark corners’ (many of which happen to be in prime locations). Gove claims that it is this cleansing desire and economic, which is driving the developments. But whether its the Queen or rich landlords who will benefit, or the Ministry, is irrelevant… It’s all capitalist expansion.

“Whoever has passed by the front of a court house or prison and his look didn’t darken at the thought that he could be there as a culprit, then he did not live his life with integrity and dignity”

– Quote from Greece, unsure of author

I hope that I can serve the rest of my time and license with integrity. I mourn the loss of my anonymity every day. Writing can be terrifying, especially with limited resources, but I will finish with a quote from Audre Lorde:

“When we speak we are afraid
our words will not be heard
or welcomed
but when we are silent
we are still afraid
So it’s better to speak
we were never meant to survive”

Solidarity to all anarchist prisoners and everyone harmed by the prison system.

With love and rage,


New Zine – Repression & Solidarity in Bristol: A collection of writings from anarchist prisoner Emma Sheppard & others

Em Zine CoverA new publication has been produced with writings from anarchist prisoner, Emma Sheppard. There are also articles from local groups such as Bristol Defendant Solidarity, communicating recent police attempts at repressing anarchist and other communities in Bristol.

To download a readable version click here: Emma Zine

To download a pages version to print click here: Emma Zine Pages

For paper copies please email: bristol_abc@riseup.net


Report from Emma Sheppard’s Sentencing (BDS)

UPDATE: Em has written her own report on the sentencing – read it here

This week saw the sentencing of Emma Sheppard, who plead guilty to causing “criminal damage recklessly endangering life” to several police cars. All in all it went much as expected. Before handing out a prison sentence of two years in order to “send a message”, the judge gave a summing up displaying all the ignorance we have come to expect of the rich and powerful. He admitted to being confused that a compassionate person might dislike the police, and listed some examples of police ‘good deeds’ to try and make his point, such as protecting the people who suffer from domestic abuse [1]. We wonder if he would apply the same reasoning to the people he sentences, and find them not guilty because they once helped an old person cross a busy road?

Police involved in “Operation Rhone” [2] also tried to claim it as a victory for themselves, despite only getting involved after the arrest, and seeming to contribute nothing significant to the trial. They made a public statement claiming that they have “a long and proud history of facilitating peaceful protest”. Needless to say this isn’t true – Bristol Defendant Solidarity regularly sees examples of people injured and fitted up by Avon and Somerset Police.

We encourage people to write to Emma and support her through her time in jail. She may be moved during her sentence, so check the Bristol ABC website before writing. At present her address is:

Emma Sheppard
HMP Eastwood Park
Church Avenue
GL12 8DB

Emma can receive cards, stamps and stationary. For donations, news & any other solidarity efforts email: bristol_abc [at] riseup.net

[1] this is despite police being far more likely than average to PERPETRATE domestic violence in the first place – womenandpolicing.com/violenceFS.asp
[2] More information: https://bristolabc.wordpress.com/2015/02/20/operation-grhone-and-the-badger-hunt/


Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoner Emma Sheppard

Anarchist prisoner, Emma Sheppard was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment on Tuesday 24th February 2015 at Bristol Crown Court for committing “Criminal damage recklessly endangering life”.

The charge relates to criminal damage of police cars in the Bristol area.

Please write letters of solidarity to:

Emma Sheppard
HMP Send
Ripley Road
GU23 7LJ

(Please note new address as of March 2015)

Emma can receive cards, stamps and stationary.

For donations, news & any other solidarity efforts email: bristol_abc@riseup.net


em updated

Bristol, Royaume-Uni : Solidarité avec la prisonnière anarchiste Emma Sheppard

Le 24 février 2015, la prisonnière anarchiste Emma Sheppard a été condamné à 2 ans de prison au tribunal de première instance de Bristol pour avoir « commis des dommages criminels inconsidérés mettant des vies en danger. » Les charges se rattachent à la dégradation de voitures de police dans la zone de Bristol.

Emma peut recevoir des cartes, des timbres et de la papeterie.

Merci d’écrire des lettres de solidarité à :
Emma Sheppard A7372DJ
HMP Send, Ripley Road
Woking, Surrey
GU23 7LJ (Angleterre)

[Note : addresse mise à jour le 12 mars]

Pour des dons, nouvelles et tout autre effort de solidarité :

Note de Contra info :
Il s’agit de la première condamnation s’inscrivant dans l’opération Rhone ; une investigation menée par 10 officiers CID [Central Intelligence Departement : Département de Renseignements Central] afin d’enquêter sur plus de 100 attaques anonymes dans la zone de Bristol au cours des quatre dernières années, de rassembler des informations sur le mouvement anarchiste au sens large, ainsi que de traquer le camarade fugitif Badger, qui a pris la fuite en août 2011. Cependant, l’arrestation d’Emma et le plaidoyé de culpabilité relatif à un sabotage la veille du Nouvel An se révèlent être des cas à part et ne résultent pas du travail engagé par l ‘opération Rhone – combien même ils ont été impliqué par la suite.

Bristol, UK: Solidarität mit der anarchistischen Gefangenen Emma Sheppard

Die anarchistische Gefangene Emma Sheppard wurde am Dienstag, dem 24 Februar 2015 vom Bristol Gericht in England zu zwei Jahren Gefängnis für „schwere Sachbeschädigung und fahrlässige in Gefahrbringung von Menschenleben“ verurteilt. Die Strafe bezieht sich auf die Beschädigung von Polizeiautos in Bristol.

Emma kann Postkarten, Briefmarken und Schreibmaterial empfangen.

Bitte schreibt Briefe an:
Emma Sheppard A7372DJ
HMP Send, Ripley Road
Woking, Surrey, GU23 7LJ
(England, UK)

Für Spenden, Informationen und Soli-aktionen mail an: bristol_abc[at]riseup.net

In Reaktion auf ihr Urteil hat Emma Sheppard einen Brief verfasst (teilweise Übersetzung hier).

Anmerkung von Contra Info (en): Dies ist die erste Verurteilung unter der „Operation Rhone“. Eine Ermittlung, geführt von 10 CID Offizieren, um in den über hundert anonymen Aktionen in der Gegend um Bristol in den letzten vier Jahren zu ermitteln und weitreichende Informationen über das weitere anarchistische Milieu zu sammeln und außerdem den geflüchteten Genossen Badger, der im August 2011 floh, zu finden. Emmas Verhaftung und ihr Schuldspruch wegen der Sabotage-Aktion am Silvesterabend scheint jedoch ein allein stehender Fall zu sein und war nicht das Resultat der Arbeit von „Operation Rhone“ auch wenn diese im Nachhinein hinzugezogen wurden.

Bristol, Reino Unido: Solidariedade com a presa anarquista Emma Sheppard

support-emmaA 24 de Fevereiro de 2015 a presa anarquista Emma Sheppard foi condenada a dois anos de prisão pelo tribunal penal de Bristol por “cometer danos criminais de forma imprudente colocando em risco a vida.” A acusação refere-se a danos em carros de polícia, na área de Bristol.

Emma pode receber cartões, selos e artigos de papelaria.

Podem se escrever cartas de solidariedade para:
Emma Sheppard A7372DJ
HMP Send, Ripley Road
Woking, Surrey, GU23 7LJ
(England, UK)/ (Inglaterra, Reino Unido)

Para doações, notícias & quaisquer outros gestos de solidariedade email:

Nota de Contra Info:

Esta é a primeira condenação no âmbito da Operação Rhone; uma investigação conduzida por 10 oficiais da CID [Central Intelligence Departement: Departamento Central de recolha de informações ] para investigar mais de 100 ações de ataques anónimos na área de Bristol, ao longo dos últimos quatro anos, permitiu recolheu informações sobre o movimento anarquista mais amplo, bem como a caça ao companheiro fugitivo “Badger”, em fuga desde Agosto de 2011. No entanto, a prisão de Emma e a declaração de culpa relativa a uma sabotagem na véspera de Ano Novo parecem ser um caso isolado e não foram o resultado de um trabalho da Operação Rhone – embora as tenham envolvido nela, depois disso.

Bristol, Reino Unido: Solidaridad con la presa anarquista Emma Sheppard

El 24 de febrero del 2015 la anarquista Emma Sheppard fue sentenciada a 2 años de prisión por el Tribunal de la Corona de Bristol con la acusación de “cometer daños materiales poniendo en peligro vidas de manera imprudente”. Los cargos hacen referencia a los daños ocasionados a vehículos de policía en la zona de Bristol.

Emma puede recibir cartas, sellos, material de escritura, etc. en la siguiente dirección:

Emma Sheppard A7372DJ
HMP Send, Ripley Road
Woking, Surrey, GU23 7LJ
(England, UK)

Para actualizaciones, donaciones, muestras solidarias en general: bristol_abc[arroba]riseup.net

Nota de Contra Info: Esta es la primera condena en el marco de la Operación “Rhone”, que es dirigida por 10 agentes del Departamiento de Investigación Criminal (CID). El dispositivo pretende investigar más de 100 ataques anónimos en la zona de Bristol durante los últimos 4 años, acumular Iinformaciones sobre el movimiento anarquista en un sentido más amplio, así como perseguir al compa Huw ‘Badger’ Norfolk, que está en fuga desde el agosto del 2011, acusado por el ataque a la sede del periódico Bristol Post. En cualquier caso, la detención de Emma y su asunción de culpabilidad en relación con el sabotaje que se realizó la vispera de Año Nuevo parecen ser un caso aparte y no un resultado directo del trabajo represivo de la Operación “Rhone”, aunque se enmarcó en este contexto más tarde.