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Spanish State: Francisco Solar and Mónica Caballero sentenced to 12 years in prison

(via Contra Info)

On March 30th 2016, Refractario reported that anarchists Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar (imprisoned since November 2013) were each sentenced to 12 years in prison.

The comrades were acquitted of charges of “membership in a terrorist organisation” and “conspiracy”. However, they were sentenced to 5 years for “causing injuries” and 7 years for “causing damage with terrorist intent”.

Catalonia: Five ‘Black Flag’ Anarchists Arrested in Raids in Catalonia

via Darker Net

spainFrom comrades in Barcelona we have been informed that five members of ‘Black Flag’ have been detained in dawn raids on the anarchist-syndicalist CNT centre in Sabadell near Barcelona, Spain. They are accused of belonging to a terrorist group. The Police broke into and searched the Anarchist Workers Centre (Ateneo Libertari) in Sabadell. The operations included another raid and search in Sabadell and two more in other municipalities in Catalonia, one of them in Avignon (Bages County). On the same day police evicted the Can Piella ‘Land and Liberty’ squat. International solidarity is requested.

UPDATE: a statement from the FIJL (Federation of Iberian Libertarian Youth) has been released and is published below at end of article.

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Prisoner List October 2011

The latest list of ‘political prisoners’, compiled by Bristol ABC from a large number of sources, is now available.

As ever the updating of this list is a labour of love in these times of ever growing numbers of comrades sent down, as resistance mounts around the world against the horrors unleashed by the forces of capital and states everywhere. Whilst we endeavour to make sure the information is correct, we could fill a hundred pages and still not include all those who need solidarity & support – and thats without even having the confirmed info from many parts of the world. As it is, in many instances we are now putting in links to sources in other countries for you to follow yourself. Here is the list (updated 25 oct 2011):
As an open office doc – Prisoner list_Oct2011
As a pdf – Prisoner list_Oct2011

For an explanation of the need to support prisoners, and tips on writing to prisoners, see our resources page.
In solidarity with all those locked up and still struggling!

Political prisoners list July 2011

Here is the monthly list of political prisoners compiled by Bristol ABC, for July 2011.
As an open office doc:

It is a worrying fact that the list of political prisoners is growing both here in the UK and around the world. The fact of the matter is that we barely scratch the surface of the list of people doing time for their political beliefs and actions. Indeed, if you look through our list, you will note that details of political prisoners across eastern Europe, Africa, Asia and the middle east are almost entirely absent. These peoples’ plights are virtually unrecorded (in the english language at least) , and they number in the tens of thousands, with many disappearing forever, as often as not murdered by their repressive regimes. Continue reading

Amadeu Casellas sentenced to three years for drug trafficking


Only two months after releasing him, the Court of Barcelona has sentenced anarchist ex-prisoner Amadeu Casellas and what they refer to as his wife Yamileth B.P. to three years and a 2,400 Euros fine for attempting to smuggle heroin into Quatre Camins prison.

Casellas was in prison for over 25 years, till April 2010. He was jailed for the first time in 1979 after a series of bank robberies. He is widely known for his anarchist views and undertook several hunger strikes to protest against prison conditions. He has denied the charges and has also denied being married to Y.B.P., whom he says has been used. Continue reading

Amadeu Casellas is free!

Amadeu Casellas has been released on 9th March around noon, after 24 years of imprisonment. Once examined all the charges, the prison director concluded that Amadeu has spent 8 more years in prison than he should have had. Amadeu was first arrested in 1979, for robbing banks to fundraise social and workers’ struggles. During his imprisonment he’s always kept his spirit high and has fought hard for freedom, justice and prisoners’ rights; only in the past 2 years he’s done 3 hunger strikes.

Until all are free!

For an article on Amadeu’s latest hunger strike read here.

Here is an interview to Amadeu on the 325 website.

Spanish prisoner on hungerstrike for 88 days

Amadeu Casellas is a Spanish anarchist who has been in prison for over 25 years, thats 5 more than the Spanish legal maximum to be in prison, and 5 more than his original maximum sentence. His ‘crimes’ all relate to expropriation, the robbing of banks to fund the workers and other social movements in the late 1970’s, just after the death of the fascist dictator Franco and the end of his regime – a regime that stole the funds and property of countless Spanish trade unions and individuals, as well as murdering many of its people. Continue reading