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International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners

This week of solidarity is coming soon, here is the call out.

his year, the International solidarity week for anarchist prisoners
will be spent for the fifth time in 23rd to 30th August and we come
stronger than ever!

Some political prisoners are already supported, but far from all of
them. Also, the supported are usually involved in authoritarian politics
and not grassroots activities. Anarchist prisoners are not often
well-known people, even though they might be long term activists. Their
ways to fight back oppressors and wrongdoings are not necessary
following the current laws of their location, which is judged by some
authoritarian organizations. The vast amount and diversity of cases of
anarchist prisoners is surprising to many.

We wanted to choose a week, so that it would be easy as possible to
organize different kinds of expressions of solidarity, which would be
supported by one another. The beginning of the week was chosen to be the
execution date of Sacco and Vanzetti, two Italian-American anarchists,
in 1927. They were convicted with very little amount of evidence, and
many still consider that they were punished from their anarchist views.

Welcome to join!

Solidarity can express itself in many forms.

Please report us your done actions to the address You can also announce your event in advance
in the same address, we list them on our page From the pages you can also find
examples and tips of actions and support mail to anarchists, links to
prisoner lists and more.


Call for solidarity with anti-fascist imprisoned in Sweden

In August 2014 the nazi group “the swedes’ party” had a meeting in
Limhamn, sweden.  During the counter demonstrations, anti-fascists were
attacked by cops. The cops brutally ran people down with horses and
drove people over with their vans. Many anti-fascists were badly injured
and some hospitalised. Several anti-fascists were arrested, and ten
people were later sentenced for rioting. Most of these people have
already served their sentences, but one of the convicted people chose to
not cooperate with the legal system and skipped prison by not showing up
when they were supposed to begin their prison sentence [1].  In the
beginning of July 2017, two years after they were convicted, they were
unfortunately arrested in a routine control and are now serving a four
month long prison sentence.

The reaction by the state and the cops toward this counter-demonstration
is another clear example of how they not only protect nazis, but also
provide a platform for fascist bigotry and call it “freedom of speech”.
And at the same time, close down the possibilities to protest and
demonstrate against fascist violences in society. This was evident not
least during the so called “super election year” in 2014 (where there
was an election both to the EU parliament as well as to the parliament
of Sweden). During this year we saw how there was an increase in heavy
repression toward people not a part of the White/European order,
including anti-fascists. This is the state’s attempt to make us stop
resisting and this is also why it is so important to make sure that
those who are subject to repression, facing controls, prison sentences,
fines etc are not left alone to deal with it. Together we can share
these responsibilities, and take care of each other.

For our friend in prison, money for rent, bills and other things are
needed. The consequences of a prison sentence does not end at the date
of release, the economic pressure lasts for a long time after that. Help
out if you can by sending money:

by Swish to this (Swedish) number:

or by cash to:
FTP, Bristol ABC, 14 Robertson Rd, Bristol BS5 6JZ

You can also send letters to: ABC Malmö, Poststugan 286, 211 65 Malmö,
Sweden – if you mark the letter with “ftp”, it will be forwarded to the
person being held in prison. [please note so far items other than
letters ie books, pens, even pictures, are not getting through – but if
it doesn’t during the sentence they should receive everything on

* the info above can be found in Swedish @

[1] In Sweden, for some shorter sentences a person does not go straight
from court to jail, there is a period after court where they must comply
with meetings with the prison service and then ‘voluntarily’ take
themselves to prison at an arranged date to serve their sentence.

Call Out For Solidarity From Venezuelan Anarchists

Gianni Scovino is a young man of 33 with Asperger’s syndrome and a member of the Turtle Foundation (Fundación La Tortuga []), a participant in the punk scene, and an anarchist media activist using materials from El Libertario [Venezuela’s primary anarchist periodical] on his Youtube channel (, where he puts up videos in both Spanish and English.


On July 13, he was savagely assaulted by members of the Bolivarian National Police (Policía Nacional Bolivariana [PNB]) and the Bolivarian National Guard (Guardia Nacional Bolivariana [GNB]) in the parking lot of the Grand Central Commercial Dairy Plaza (Centro Comercial Plaza Mayor de Lecherías) in the state of Anzoátegui while he was on a recycling run for the Turtle Foundation. A video of the attack is available on Youtube:


[Translator’s note: The Chávez regime and now its successor, the Maduro regime, refer to themselves as “Bolivarian,” in an attempt to paint themselves as the successors of Simon Bolivar, the leader of the 19th-century uprising against Spanish colonialism.]


After being brutally beaten by the PNB and GNB with nightsticks and with  shields used as battering rams, he was held for 36 hours at Detachment 521 of the Command of Zone 521 of the GNB, before being transferred to a medical facility for treatment. At present he’s recovering in the Hospital of the Venezuelan Institute of Social Insurance.


Those responsible for the attack on Gianni are GNB first sergeants Osmel Zambrano Márquez and Joel José Díaz Carreño, and second sergeants Julio César Gómez Mata and José Gregorio Trébol Pinto, as well as the PNB attaché Luis Ramón Cova León and PNB officials Xavier Alexander Díaz Salazar, Elio Antonio Díaz Maigua and José Alejandro Villegas Olivero.


The violent assault suffered by Gianni is symptomatic of the constant violence in Venezuela for the last 100 days, in which, since April 1, more than 3,500 people have been detained, an incalculable number have been injured, and there have been police raids on civil and residential sites. Thus far 303 Venezuelan civilians have gone before military tribunals. And more than 100 people have been killed.


We’re making an international call to our overseas anarchist comrades for solidarity in the face of the attacks on the people of Venezuela during this uprising of the people. Silence is complicity with a dictatorship that oppresses, tortures, and jails anarchists.


Let indignation become rage against the oppressor!

With Gianni and all of the Venezuelans rising against the regime, we remain the anarchists in the popular uprising.

Bristol ABC and the Smash IPP Fortnight of Action

Bristol ABC are hosting 3 events over the next few weeks as part of the Smash IPP fortnight of action.

More than 3989 people are serving IPP (Imprisonment for Public Protection) sentences in British prisons. Five years since the sentence was legally abolished, thousands still languish in jails with no release date. Parole board delays, prison overcrowding, and sheer neglect is leading to unprecedented rates of prisoner suicides and self-harm. 80% are over tariff and desperate to be free. THIS FORTNIGHT IS FOR THEM. For more info on the fortnight see here.

Events in the Bristol Area include:

*IPP Solidarity Letter Writing: We will be writing and making cards to send to IPP prisoners in the UK. Help send strength to people surviving the prison system! Solidarity is power – show them they are not alone. Event Link.

*Bristol Probation Office Demo: Since it’s privatisation, the Probation Service is recalling 50 times more people back to prison. Probation Officers play an integral role in controlling the lives of IPPs. We need to show IPPs they are not alone and that the Probation Service, who profit from this system, is responsible for this suffering too! Smash IPP! Set them Free! Event Link.

*Noise Demo at HMP Erlestoke: 1 in 5 of the prisoners at HMP Erlestoke are IPP’s. They are living a nightmare, never knowing when they will be free no matter how many of the ministry of justices ‘hoops’ they jump through. Join us to make some noise and show these prisoners that they have not been forgotten and that we are fighting to set them free. Collective transport will be organised from Bristol, email for a place. Event Link.


Updates from comrades in Eastern Europe

Update from Antifenix, the movement fighting repression and Operation Fenix:…/

New accusations: Fenix 2 is spinning up

It was quite clear, that releasing Lukáš Borl from the prison doesn’t
mean the end of another continuing of Fenix operation. More precisely
Fenix 2 (The case of Lukas Borl). One of the charges brought against
Lukáš is establishing, supporting and spreading a movement leading to
suppressing human rights and freedoms. But the police will have kind of
a hard time to prove existence of a group, where ther is only one
person. Even for terrorism are needed at least three people, every
newbie at the police academy knows that. And members of police units are
not counted as part of the group! And so genius idea was born and it was
clear that at least the second episode of Fenix needs a better
reputation. After “unbiased“ judge in Fenix 1 ( the entrapment case
where five anarchist facing charges for a “terrorist attack” against the
train with military equipment in a state of preparation), who worked 13
years for ÚOOZ (the same unit who infiltrated and later arrested the
group), would love to shoot refugees, hates Roma people and very
probably women too, and after embarrassing apology from the Ministry of
injustice to Igor after Igor was found “innocent” by the supreme court
two weeks ago (doesn’t mean much, he still faces the deportation
procedure), would policemen look like total losers if they kept claiming
that Borl supports movement consisting of himself.

So the police shifted up a gear and came up with a plan. Into Fenix 2
were added four more people. On June 9th the police launched a
prosecution against 3 aanarchists and one environmental firebrand, all
charged with 16 felonies in total. Those 68 pages of accusation almost
sound like a stupid joke if we consider that charges are based on who
may wrote what on the internet some years ago, what kind of literature
was kept at home or what does he thinks. But unfortunately we know that
this is only another repression from the police and those five fellow
troublemakers persecuted in Fenix 2 (Lukáš plus four new ones) face
bullying, have to search for lawyers and can end up in jail and that’s
where the “fun” stops.

We are actually not kidding at all. After sentence in Aachen, few days
ago, against anarchist who was sentenced to 7,5 years, are these
accusations showing again and again that any kind of apology from the
ministry of justice (as they just sent to Igor) is only a strategic move
to legitimize another repression, control and bully. But no state will
ever get our legitimacy.

In solidarity with the accused in Felix 1 and Fenix 2, Igor, Warsaw Three,
anarchist sentenced in Aachen and all the other rebels behind the bars.
With desire for freedom in our hearts.

Update from the Warsaw 3:

Dear friends

We’ve been very busy last months and did not send an update, at the same
time many important things happened in the warsaw3 case that we would
like to share with you. As you were supporting us strongly, we wish to
have been in touch on a more regular basis. Sorry for this big news
portion – hope it’s not too much in one go!…/
together with the updated chronology of the events:…/

End the Prisons Podcast and Anarchist Radio Network

So the Anarchist Radio Network just released the first episode of its
international news show “B(A)D NEWS – Angry voices from around the world”!

The network website ( is not ready yet, but
will be up very soon. You’ll find the audio here:

„B(A)D NEWS – Angry voices from around the world“ is a monthly news
program from the international network of anarchist and
antiauthoritarian radios, consisting of short news segments from
different parts of the world. As an international network of radio
projects, we believe in the importance of international solidarity. And
we also recognize the importance and the need to create and disseminate
our own media and counterinformation.

On another note, this prison abolition podcast is well worth a listen.

Ray Filar is joined by Sam Lamble and Kuchenga to discuss prison abolition, racialised capitalism, transformative justice and Orange is the New Black.

[Spanish State]: Communiqué from anarchists Mónica Cabellero and Francisco Solar words arrived with a delay due to the restrictive communications of the Spanish extermination centers. On March 7th, 2017 Mónica and Francisco were finally released to Chile, where they were greeted with a great deal of media and repressive threats. Finally today, they have returned to the street with their dignity intact.)

Affinity and Solidarity against victimization and authority

In the struggle to break with the establishment we look for and create relationship forms that are contrary to imposition and authority. Forms that help us feel comfortable in order to develop autonomously in our proposals and acts of daily confrontation. With this feeling we understand affinity represents the most suitable way for anarchist relations and that it’s not the fruit of empty slogans repeated until satiation, but the result of practices and shared visions that have helped generate long lasting bonds of passionate friendship and intimacy, that go beyond the simple bonds of just friends.

The trust and care that comes from feeling and knowing that the ideas of permanent rebellion are the sustenance and strength of affinity helps build and develop anti-authoritarian practices. In turn, these ideas, are inseparable from our choice of life, the option that reinforces what we plan and how it is to be done. It is through these relationships that we grow individually and have the undeniable possibility of acts with no strings attached, which impedes the creation of bureaucratic and authoritarian behavior, cutting off the concentration of power.

Critics of this position have signaled that this form makes it impossible to influence “social reality” and that it turns anarchism into a ghetto. Our response is that we don’t understand anarchism as a political party that uses all of its strategies to increase numbers for the purposes of achieving hegemony. We think that the means must be coherent with the ends as it would be contradictory to claim total liberation otherwise. For us, anarchism is, above all, a tension where individual initiative plays a central role, not a production.

As this experience of imprisonment comes to an end we have lived through the birth, the strengthening and reinforcement of relationships of affinity. Our friends have given meaning to the word solidarity filling us with strength and pride. Overcoming many difficulties, we have been able to collaboratively build positions and initiatives of what we’ve learned. The will and determination of our friends, even if this sounds repetitive, has destroyed walls, bars, the space of time, and eliminated obstacles of isolation and communication. We have attempted and believe to be successful in establishing a relationship that breaks away from and is in opposition to the welfare practices where prisoners are viewed as “a poor victim of the system who is the subject of atrocious injustices.” The assumption that, as anarchists we find ourselves in a permanent confrontation with power and that it has its consequences has given possibility to put into practice an active and combative solidarity with a clear and unambiguous line of discourse. The idea – strength of “neither guilty, no innocent, simply anarchist” is reflected in our position against prison and repression both in and outside of their walls. It represents a way of living and being in prison that is linked with intransigence that opens innumerable paths of action for friends in the street, ways which attempt to destroy power by not falling into their categories and contrary to their predatory logic.

When repression represents an opportunity

The repressive wave that materialized in the operations of Pandora and Piñata represented the hardest strike against anarchism in Spain since the 1980s. Their clear attempt was to eliminate a sector of the anarchist movement by quickly moving forward with harassment, persecution, and imprisonment of friends. Evidently, the magnitude of state repression has had its consequences, as could not be otherwise. Many initiatives were put on hold, spaces were literally looted by the repressive fury and the worry of being enveloped into the paranoid fantasies of power created a certain immobility that has little by little began to be overcome.

However, in our opinion, due to the clumsy and inconsistent theory of the police, this strike represents an opportunity to highlight the weaknesses of the State that utilizes classic strategies of imprisonment and intimidation in order to reduce and eliminate those who will not be domesticated. Along with this, we believe that these operations are closely related to the rise of social movements and their incorporation within the institutions; those who refuse to play the game of democracy can await prison. Because of this, it’s important to address what the significance of these strikes and resulting solidarity in terms of understanding the social movements that have transformed into political parties don’t represent, in any way, an ally, rather they are an apparatus of power with whom we have nothing in common.

Throughout the operations of Pandora and Piñata the State has, as previously mentioned on several occasions, attempted to attack ideas and practices that are radically different than it, as evidenced by the fact that none of the imprisoned friends are accused of concrete actions. What they’ve tried to do is punish a way of living, the option of struggle against the established order and permanent anti-authoritarian activity that, that more-or-less, has influenced many spaces and aspects of the milieu. Therefore, the continuing transition on the path of rupture represents, a small victory that demonstrates that the State can show us its worst face, but it can’t bend us. In this regard, we believe that solidarity with the friends imprisoned must necessarily be the transgressor and on the offensive, breaking away from the discourses of pessimism and victimization. The utilization of all of our creativity, limited only by our anarchic principals, is fundamental in strengthening our solidarity. In the war against domination all actions are necessary.

Finally, we would like to send all our love and strength to our German friends held in prison, accused of robbing a bank there, who are currently facing a difficult trail. We are reminded in each instant of the pride and joy they have shown,  are also ours and the possibility to be your friend.

Today and always an open hand to friends and a clenched fist to the enemy.

Death to the State and long live Anarchy!

Mónica Caballero  S.
Francisco Solar D.
Prisión Villabona – Asturias
2nd of February 2017