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Queer Disco this Saturday in Cardiff, to raise money for SMASH IPP

Vivisection Info Night & Blackmail 3 Fundraiser

Bristol ABC are supporting this info night as part of the World Wide Week of Action for Animals in Laboratories. We are helping to fundraise for the Blackmail 3 – for more information about this case & the repression of anti-vivisection campaigns visit

Viv Info Night


Fundraising Call For Imprisoned Anti-Fascists In Sweden

Right now eight comrades are serving prison sentences at institutions in Tidaholm, Malmo, Vastervik, Sala, Frovi and Rosersberg. All are convicted of political crimes. Another 4 comrades have been sentenced to prison and are now awaiting setting dates. In addition, 13 people is accused of rioting in connection with a counter-demonstration against the fascist party Svenskarnas Parti (Swedes’ Party) demonstration in Eskilstuna on 1 May 2012. In late March, an additional 29 people is also expected to be prosecuted. These 29 are suspects after two large counter-demonstrations against the fascist Swedes’ Party during the election campaign. (Limhamn in Malmö August 23, 2014 and central Stockholm August 30, 2014.)

That makes a total of 12 already imposed prison sentences against anti-fascists and 42 more have been charged or are awaiting prosecution. These events are historical as they distinguish the most aggressive repression of the anti-fascist movement in Sweden so far.

We in the Prisoner Support Association are struggling to make the lives of our comrades in prisons as bearable and easygoing as possible. We have a close contact with the prisoners and our goal is to be there and support our comrades in their everyday lives throughout their incarceration. Along with the prisoners we have started an internal prison newspaper where all imprisoned anti-fascists in Sweden are committed and writes texts for each other and can receive relevant news from the outside. The paper has become much appreciated!

Our prison support work is long term and requires resources! Several comrades are serving long prison sentences and we urge all comrades outside the walls to support us with financial resources. Your contribution makes a big difference! Together we disarm the repression!

If you are going to give money to our Swedish bank account, use this account number:
IBAN : SE0680000832799438650120

Join International Solidarity Campaign For Alexander Kolchenko


Alexander Kolchenko is a Crimean anarchist, social activist and antifascist who is held in captivity by the Russian authorities. Along with other Crimean activists, he has been kidnapped by the Russian FSB (ex-KGB) and is now detained as a political hostage in Lefortovo jail in Moscow. He is charged with committing “acts of terrorism” and “belonging to a terrorist community”.

Why Alexander Kolchenko is in the jail?

Alexander, who has undeniably proved his antifascist stance over many years, is facing preposterous accusations of belonging to “Right Sector”, a radical Ukrainian right-wing organization, whose real role in Ukrainian events is blown out of proportion by Russian official propaganda.

In modern Russia any activist — left-wing, anarchist or liberal — can be slandered as a member or sympathizer of “Right Sector”. This situation is comparable to the hunt for nonexistent “Trotskyists” under Stalin, or the McCarthy witch-hunt for communists. Putin’s authoritarian and nationalist regime, which uses in its propaganda everything from religious prejudices and conspiracy theories to outright racism, shamelessly steals “antifascist” rhetoric. And yet anyone who is considered bothersome is called a “fascist”, even if he/she stands on the opposite side of the political spectrum.

The case against antifascist Alexander Kolchenko and civil activist and film director Oleg Sentsov (investigators enrolled them into the same “terrorist” group) is political. It is meant to intimidate inhabitants of Crimea and prevent any resistance on the peninsula. The most authoritarian of methods are now used in annexed Crimea to repress all discontent. Many people were obliged to leave Crimea because their life and freedom were threatened: lawyers, left-wing activists, students and trade union activists, anarchists, antifascists and Crimean Tatar activists who have fallen victims of ethnic discrimination.

What threats does Alexander Kolchenko face?

A terrible prison sentence of up to 20 years threatens Alexander Kolchenko for a non-existent “terrorist attack” in which he was not involved. Kolchenko and other Ukrainian political prisoners are detained only in order to demoralize opposition by show trials. Their freedom is directly linked to the stability of the Putin regime: if we can shake the confidence of Putin in his impunity, the prisoners will be set free. There is no hope that Kolchenko, Sentsov and others would be judged by the law. Their arrest was unlawful, the charges against them are far-fetched. It’s not a mistake, the regime knows what it’s doing.

How can you help Alexander Kolchenko?

We’re asking international left-wing and libertarian forces for help. You can organize and lead actions of protest and solidarity, write letters to Kolchenko, send donations for lawyers and food parcels, help his family. It is also important to spread information about his case. Most of all, we need to dissociate ourselves from any forces that support aggressive expansion of Russian nationalism, even if they cover it up with “leftist” and “anti-imperialist” rhetoric. Putin’s regime is doing just fine without your sympathy, better save it for those who have become its victims.

When to start?

You can start right now by helping us to spread this text, translating it into other languages and sending it to comrades. We also strongly encourage you to organize demonstrations in support of Alexander Kolchenko and other political prisoners jailed in Russia from April 1 to 7, 2015. On April 11 and 16 Sentsov’s and Kolchenko’s custodies end, respectively. In the first half of April Lefortovo District Court of Moscow will decide again whether they should await judgment in jail or have the right to exit under the injunction not to leave or under home arrest. Only strong and massive pressure on the Putin regime, protests around the world would give a chance to set our comrades free. We demand their immediate discharge and the end of their prosecution.

More information below

Interview with Alexander Kolchenko…

Repressions against Crimean activists: political context…

Multilingual Facebook group

Contact us: freekolchenko[at]

German version

French version

Italian version

Ukrainian version

Russian version

Solidarity Against #Spycops

Bristol ABC:

Undercover is no excuse for abuse. Protest in Cardiff, Tuesday 24th!

Originally posted on South Wales Anarchists:

NCND1It has been over five years since we learned that Mark “Marco” Jacobs was not just another anarchist in the south Wales activist scene, but was actually an undercover police officer. We made all the relevant political points about the matter in our statement at the time: “They come at us because we are strong

Since then a number of activists are taking legal action against South Wales Police and the Metropolitan Police in an attempt to hold the system to account.

spycopsSince we first filed an application in court, both sets of Police lawyers have attempted to obstruct justice, giving a “Neither Confirm Nor Deny” defence of all aspects of Officer Jacobs (and all other undercover police) deployment.

On Wednesday 25th March we will be in the Royal Courts of Justice in London attempting to strike out this non-defence.

The night before we are in…

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Bristol ABC will be at Bristol Anarchist Bookfair

Bristol ABC will be doing a stall and workshop at Bristol Anarchist Bookfair 2015. For more information about the bookfair and everything that is happening on the day visit:

Report from Emma Sheppard’s Sentencing (BDS)

UPDATE: Em has written her own report on the sentencing – read it here

This week saw the sentencing of Emma Sheppard, who plead guilty to causing “criminal damage recklessly endangering life” to several police cars. All in all it went much as expected. Before handing out a prison sentence of two years in order to “send a message”, the judge gave a summing up displaying all the ignorance we have come to expect of the rich and powerful. He admitted to being confused that a compassionate person might dislike the police, and listed some examples of police ‘good deeds’ to try and make his point, such as protecting the people who suffer from domestic abuse [1]. We wonder if he would apply the same reasoning to the people he sentences, and find them not guilty because they once helped an old person cross a busy road?

Police involved in “Operation Rhone” [2] also tried to claim it as a victory for themselves, despite only getting involved after the arrest, and seeming to contribute nothing significant to the trial. They made a public statement claiming that they have “a long and proud history of facilitating peaceful protest”. Needless to say this isn’t true – Bristol Defendant Solidarity regularly sees examples of people injured and fitted up by Avon and Somerset Police.

We encourage people to write to Emma and support her through her time in jail. She may be moved during her sentence, so check the Bristol ABC website before writing. At present her address is:

Emma Sheppard
HMP Eastwood Park
Church Avenue
GL12 8DB

Emma can receive cards, stamps and stationary. For donations, news & any other solidarity efforts email: bristol_abc [at]

[1] this is despite police being far more likely than average to PERPETRATE domestic violence in the first place –
[2] More information: