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Advice for avoiding arrest and staying free

So after the wonderful toppling of Colston’s statue the cops say they are investigating. It may be, in the context of all the popular support for the action, that they won’t actually follow through. But we think it’s definitely best to be prepared and take some simple steps to protect ourselves and each other. So here’s some important advice to help keep people safe and free. Please share widely.

For anyone involved, or worried about being targeted by police:

1. Well done; nice work!

2. Don’t panic. The cops have limited resources and don’t know everything! If the worst comes to the worst you will get solid support and solidarity from Bristol Black Lives Matter, Bristol Defendant Solidarity and a lot of good people on your side and on the right side of history. The authorities want us to feel isolated and afraid – our best defence is each other. Everything below is just a precaution – better safe than sorry!

3. Get rid of clothes (and shoes, bags) you were wearing at the scene, and anything incriminating. If it’s something you really can’t part with permanently, at least stash it somewhere safe that isn’t linked to you for as long as you can. If you’ve already used a phone or computer to send an incriminating message, you should think about stashing or getting rid of that too – deleted data could be recovered.

4. Don’t help them gather info or evidence. Be careful about what you say online, by phone, or even around phones. Sharing stories can be powerful, and having someone to talk to can be important – but it’s best to stick to face-to-face conversations with people you trust, away from phones or computers. Resist the urge to gossip, especially about others’ actions. We certainly don’t recommend handing yourself in, as the police would like you to do!

5. Have these numbers ready to call. If arrested, you don’t need HJA’s number; you can just say you want ‘Hodge Jones & Allen solicitors from London’.
HJA solicitors – 020 7874 8300
Bristol Defendant Solidarity (BDS) – 07510 283424

BDS will support anyone arrested through the legal process …but if you HAVEN’T had any hassle from the police, consider that contacting BDS may, in itself, be a risk. If you decide to do so, you could do it via a phone and SIM that are both not linked to you (pay cash), via a trusted friend, or via an anonymous email account (not linked to your phone, computer or internet connection).

6. If you are contacted by the police for any reason, answer ‘NO COMMENT‘ to all questions. Even in informal conversations, and even if you feel that what you are saying will make them realise they have the wrong person. You have a right to silence, and speaking puts you and others at risk. Get support for your ‘no comment’ by using your right to free legal advice at the police station; but via an experienced protest lawyer like HJA of London rather than the duty solicitor. Read up more on your rights if arrested now.

For everyone else:

1. Don’t help the cops gather info or evidence either! Don’t identify anyone you know in photos or footage, and don’t post new footage online without blurring faces and anything identifable. Even then, consider whether adding more footage is worth the risk; you may miss something. As above, resist the urge to gossip, especially about others’ actions, and keep incriminating stories offline and away from phones and other tech. Encourage others to do the same!

2. Be ready to support. Let’s stick together and be clear that ditching Colston was the best thing that’s happened in ages, and pressure the authorities to drop the investigation. Thanks for having each others backs.

Fundraiser dub night

Some friends of Bristol Defendant Solidarity are putting on a benefit night for us at the Plough next Thursday!

Get down there to support your local anti repression group. There will be  revolutionary reggae and dissident dub!

Check out Co-operators and Waggle Dance Records page here!

Callout for involvement

Looking for something to get stuck into in the new year? We may have just the thing!

Bristol Defendant Solidarity has been working since 2011 to support defendants facing charges from demonstrations and actions in Bristol and beyond. We provide active solidarity and unconditional support to anyone going through the courts as a result of involvement in social movements and struggle.

This support includes help with case and court preparation, finding witnesses, help with travel costs and fines and organising solidarity demos. We organise know your rights sessions and skillshares to prepare for demos and actions as well as providing police station support for arrestees.

We understand that if people feel supported they are more likely to stay involved despite the hassle from the authorities and their punitive processes designed to keep us off the streets. BDS maintains a radical perspective and is opposed to the state “justice” system and its enforcers.

We need more people to be involved and share the vital work of standing together in the face of repression. Antirepression and solidarity work is everyone’s responsibility. There are lots of tasks and roles. Anyone interested can contact us; we’ll arrange to meet and chat about our work in more detail. Get in touch and get involved! bristoldefendantsolidarity at riseup dot net

Support local antifascists

From crowdfunder page sent to us:

“Please support antifascists from Bristol who have been repeatedly targeted by the police for being active antifascists. A particularly heavy fine of £1500 was imposed on one antifascist, a person of colour, who has also been experiencing significant intimidation and harassment from local officers.

Three antifascists are currently facing bogus charges from a “total policing”, Draconian operation to prevent opposition to a far-right demonstration in Dewsbury on 12th October.

This repression is intended to wear us down and intimidate us. It is also designed to waste our time and effort with fundraising to pay for numerous journeys to court and to pay the fines imposed.

We need to show the authorities that it will not work. Please show your solidarity and support by making a donation towards our target of £1000. “

Legal info for demos

Sunday November 25th. 11am-4pm.

Want to learn to legal observe at demos and / or skill up on relevant legal knowledge for when you are out protesting? Sign up to a training with Activist Court Aid Brigade (ACAB) and Bristol Defendant Solidarity (BDS). Email to get your place. Please pass on to people you trust and bring something vegan to share for lunch.

“They come at us because we’re strong.” Statement on police harassment and abuse of an antifascist

Life can be a funny thing. There are things that have happened to me in my life that I have told myself not to tell a soul about because they just won’t believe me. But this needs to be told.

Since December 8th 2017 I have had to ask myself time and time again “is it me or is it them?” “Is this happening to me?”, which usually means checking myself and reminding myself that going out and being involved with “this sort of thing” (in my case anti fascism) is going to draw a little attention from the state. Part and parcel right? Rough with the smooth?

Personally, I think too many of us take police abuses of power and outright Orwellian surveillance tactics as a given. I can’t help but wonder how many people have had similar experiences to what I’ve gone through and just not said anything.

I’ve been an antifascist for a few years now and have supported actions locally and around the UK with a lot of spirit, heart and out and out determination. I don’t think that’s ever likely to change.

If you’re someone who moves in the same sort of circles as I do  you’ll know that Avon and Somerset in particular have never had any love for anyone they deem to be part of the anarchist movement. They have never had any love for people of colour either. I fall into both of those demographics.

I was arrested in September last year in Bristol on a counter demo against the fascist front group “Gays against Sharia”, along with another 4 counter protestors who were charged with “assault PC” and “obstruction.” It was my second arrest in the city, the first being on an illegal squat eviction where again I was charged with “assault” on the say so of lying bailiffs. That case was later dropped. The cops told me I “looked like a gangster” that day. That’s a new one on me but in hindsight it speaks volumes.

Unfortunately for me (and being honest it’s currently adding more fuel to the fire) the second time around I was found guilty of assault PC. Initially 3 of us were on trial but the other’s charges were dropped. I’ve never been an angel having been in and out of trouble with the law when I was younger but this was the first time I’d been charged and convicted with something I knew that I hadn’t done.

In fact, I’d spent well over 12 years with no arrests or contact with the police at all. This doesn’t mean I can’t be a free thinker and want a better world. And it doesn’t mean I can’t take a stand against injustice. When it comes to neo nazis and assorted racists in particular, you should absolutely be “anti” that.

I’m currently fighting to get my conviction overturned. I think that is one of the reasons that I’ve started to get so much attention, harassment and outright bullying which could easily be deemed as stalking from the police.

Over the past 6 months or so this has taken varying forms including social media monitoring and hacking, attempts to follow me home at night, undercover officers following me into pubs, seemingly constant monitoring by plain clothes officers around my local area with the support of area cars and vans. This has even extended to Bristol city centre with targeted blaring sirens and use of full beam headlights in broad day light.

It seems that certain elements of the local community have also been involved with tails, garbled shouted abuse and aggressive horn beeps (also used by undercover officers) designed to intimidate me. At times I’ve reacted, never with force but out of sheer frustration  by shouting back.

When it comes to local engagement I put this mainly down to good old fashioned British racism. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was far right involvement too. The state and fascists often work hand in hand and it’s no secret about the level of bigotry and general racism within the force.

I live close to the melting pot of culture that is Easton but my current home is primarily white working to middle class. Most people who live here are friendly but the few wronguns do rear their heads from time to time. Luckily, I have a lot of friends and know I am never alone.

Having researched some of this and avoiding paranoia as much as possible, I discovered that “police stalking” tactics have long been used off the record in the UK and beyond. All of the above are intimidation tactics and nothing more. I class it as authoritarian bullying.

It all really started on December the 8th 2017 (my birthday ). I was in the city centre. As well as being on bail I was pursuing a claim against the police for wrongful arrest on the squat eviction I mentioned earlier.

Living some way away from most of my friends, I think, made it easier for me to be targeted by the CID officers I now know as part of a special investigations unit (Operation Rhone) tasked with harassment or “investigation” of activists classed as “anarchists”. This unit was headed by Andy Bevan and led by officers such as Matt Ford  with a reputation for harassment of activists.

In fact, it was Matt Ford and his colleague who approached me that day in December 2017. I had just walked past a Palestinian demo in town where I’d said hello to demonstrators to show some solidarity for a good cause. It was near St Nick’s market that the first plain clothes officer attempted contact; “Alright! Long time no see!” he smiled at me, looking like an average Christmas shopper.

I smiled back  unsure of who he was, replying “Alright? Where do I know you from?” The cop’s face changed quite quickly, “And where do I know YOU from?” You could sense his hostility. The change in manner was quickly followed with “I’m a policeman!”. Within a second, Matt Ford appeared and with dramatic effect added “And so am I!”

At this point a little unnerved but pretty pissed off, I said “I don’t talk to police mate! No comment.” The first officer tried to engage with me again and it was at that point I walked away, answering “No comment! Just fuck off!” I walked off quickly and was pleased if not a little surprised to see that they didn’t follow.

My solicitors advised me to be mindful that the cops were watching me. Fast forward to now, I’ve been told by Netpol and other comrades that sometimes the state and its minions like to apply pressure on people like me. I think they were trying to get me to be an informer. The apparent vendetta against me over the past 6 months or so may not just be fuelled by me taking a stand and fighting back against unjust convictions but also by refusing to play their game. Here’s the thing.

I will never play the game of scum like them.This is why I began to record my experiences of surveillance in a diary that I am currently still updating. I do my best to keep the emotions out and record the facts. There is currently over 6 months of information including dates, people, vehicle registrations and everything I need to prove what has been happening to me. I have many photos too.

When I moved house I thought it all might get better, but sadly things didn’t stop. They only became worse. A few months back I put in a subject access / freedom of information request to Avon and Somerset police. I still currently don’t know the level of monitoring of my mobile phone despite asking for this info. Either way, I am sure it is one way they have been tracking my movements.

There was no information given on surveillance operations or technology used against me but instead we’re currently in hiatus with the usual “Neither confirm nor deny” response. Having checked the police website there doesn’t seem to be anything major happening in my local area to warrant the amount of times I have been tailed by vehicles or undercover officers.

Regardless of how I feel about the cops I accept that under this current system they are there, although the more they harass me the less inclined I feel to recognize their authority. I have never trusted them and I am never going to. They routinely abuse their power, serve the rich, victimise the poor and target people of colour. I can never respect people like that.

Since we began my appeal process against an unjust conviction, surveillance quickly escalated into harassment and out and out stalking by Avon and Somerset police. It also seems that when travelling to London with my job I have found myself tailed from one area to another.

In the build up to my appeal these intimidation tactics escalated and I feel ultimately the goal was to force me to drop the appeal and any further legal action or at the very least unnerve me enough to mess up in court.

Speaking as an antifascist what has happened to me over the past 6 months has been done to give the impression of an all seeing, all knowing Orwellian eye of authority that has its minions where ever I go. At it’s very core it’s authoritarian and fascist.

Just recently a comrade suggested considering the wider implications of what has happened to me and how it affects not just myself but all of us. The saying an injury to one is an injury to all is something that rings true, and I’ve learnt that I haven’t been the first activist in Bristol to be targeted and will no doubt not be the last.

What is clear, is that there is a deep -rooted stench of authoritarianism and fascism within the police force that needs to be challenged as well as the police as an authority themselves.

The fact that some officers feel that they are able to arrange “extra judicial punishment” without accountability and ‘off the record’ speaks volumes about the level of corruption within the police force today. Regardless of how you feel about the police it becomes apparent when assessing a situation such as this that people who seem to think that they can engage in a  vendetta against individuals or movements should never have been given the reins of power or authority in the first place.

When considering the treatment of people of colour by the police the situation becomes even more concerning when considering the actions of the state and it’s targeting of activists. For some in uniform being a “good citizen” means being white.

To these people we are always the enemy and a problem to be addressed rather than a member of society that should be respected. When we’re considered to be a political dissident, activist or anyone the status quo considers a threat our struggles become intensified.

What has been happening to myself in comparison to what happens to others on a daily, monthly and yearly basis is a small drop in the ocean but has been enough to raise alarm bells within my circles of friends and comrades.

My experiences of the police at their very worst will differ greatly from the next person but with solidarity and mutual aid we can support each other spread the word and work together to expose those who should never have been given the tools or the power to target and harass people for their political beliefs and desire to do the right thing.

It is an invasion and abuse of our privacy, of our civil rights and our liberty and our freedom to be ourselves. Not every person who encounters people who bend the law to suit their collective will are going to want to speak out. Not every person will want to take a stand but the more we do the more empowering it is for them and a reminder that they will never be alone.

The state will always look for ways to disrupt us in our fights against various injustices. They apply pressure to break us and to drive us away from the movements and circles we move in. Activists can be approached after pressure has been exerted to see if they will grass on their comrades.

The past 6 plus months has showed me the true cowardice of school yard bullies in uniform. It makes me smile to know how afraid they are of people like me. Attempts to drive me away from my friends and comrades have failed. Attempts to disrupt my life have failed. I already see the cracks in them but there are no cracks in me.

I’m more anti surveillance and anti-state than I ever have been and am currently researching how communities have fought back against police surveillance. For me, I will carry on with life as normal. I would like to say I’ll learn to forgive but we never forgive and we never ever forget.

It’s clear to me now that they come at us because we are strong. Thanks to my friends and comrades and family for all the support over the past 6 months. You’ve been there when I’ve needed you most and you are all amazing. I’ll keep fighting the good fight. Here’s to a better world.



BDS fundraiser 09.12.17

Witness callout: Bristol antifascist demo, 10th September

solidarity with arrested antifascists:

Several antifascists are facing trial as a result of participation in the antifascist demonstration in Bristol on 10th September. They need witnesses. If you were witness to any of the police’s actions on that day, particularly surrounding any of the arrests, please get in touch. Having witnesses to support defence cases is very important, and can mean the difference between freedom and prison for a comrade.

Contact us by email at or on 07746741104. We can give advice if needed on making a statement and being a witness.

Court report and thoughts from BDS

Trial report – Direct action against Cardiff arms fair 2017.

A woman from Swansea who took direct action and made hoax calls to try and stop an arms fair in Cardiff was sentenced on 25.10.17 in Cardiff Crown Court. The judge gave her a 12 week suspended sentence for 18 months and she was ordered to pay £2000 costs and £115 victim surcharge.

Members of Bristol Defendant Solidarity joined with many other supporters to accompany D through the legal process and were there throughout the trial to show that she was not alone. A defiant demonstration of our solidarity took place on the first day on the steps of the court.

Here’s some of our observations and thoughts.

Firstly, it’s excruciatingly hard to sit through the patronising pronouncements and finger wagging words of a judge whose authority we do not accept or recognise. It’s infuriating that they have the power to decide the punishment we supposedly deserve and to take away our liberty. Everything in the court is designed to make us feel small, powerless, disciplined and fearful of the consequences of our actions.

So it was very inspiring to hear the defendant, D, clearly tell the judge and the jury that she was not sorry for her actions and that she remains committted to direct action against war and the arms industry. Her explanation of how she could not stand by while arms dealers furthered their profits by marketing mass murder was very powerful. She admitted making the calls, but argued that she was acting to prevent a greater crime by aiming to stop the selling of arms used for “mass indiscriminate killing of civilians”. The judge had ruled the previous week that such a defence is not admissible. Evidently they won’t allow their courts to be used as a means to turn the tables and put the arms industry on trial. But D had a good go at it anyway!

Her moving account of witnessing first hand the destruction wreaked by these weapons in Palestine and her motivations for doing all that she can to stop arms sales brought tears to many eyes. She told the court of her experiences driving an ambulance of medical supplies to Gaza after the Israeli bombing.

“I saw kids my grandchildrens’ age being teargassed on a daily basis” she said. “I saw with my own eyes the aftermath of war. Standing in the wreckage of bombed out homes, schools and hospitals brought home to me the utter destruction war wreaks on people’s lives. That strengthened my resolve to do everything in my power to oppose this awful trade.”

The jury, sadly, were apparently unmoved and clearly suffering from a case of too much respect for the law. They dutifully followed the directions of the judge and on day two their “Guilty” verdict was reached in fifteen minutes and was unanimous. A further reminder, as if we needed it, that what’s right and what’s the law are two very different things. Their courts are not places of justice, they are places of law and of punishment.

Forced to wait until the next day for the judge’s deliberations and sentencing (all part of the punishment!), D and her supporters made final preparations for prison. There was a lot of sadness at the prospect of D being locked up away from us all and her family, but also anger at the power being wielded over us and the stress and pain caused by the state’s legal attack on our comrade.

Day three and the tension was unbearable waiting for the judge’s sentencing. The public gallery was packed and there were plenty of raised fists for D as she looked back at us all from the dock, her prison bags packed and ready by her side. The judge took her time but eventually came out with it – a suspended sentence and an order to pay £2000 costs and £115 victim surcharge.

D was not going to prison. There was much elation and an impromptu demo outside the court. Celebrations (and fundraising!) will continue as will our resistance to the Cardiff arms fair, the arms industry and war.

Throughout it all D remained really strong, defiant and absolutely solid. She puts this down to the “amazing support” she received and knowing that she was not alone. We would do well to remember that there are thousands of people on the receiving end of the “justice” system who are not lucky enough to be able to access the solidarity and support offered to D. So many people fighting back in different ways will never gain the sympathy of the judge as seemingly happened in this case.

So when we get a “win” in court (which in this case was not going to prison!) let’s keep an eye on the bigger goal of doing away with the police and court apparatus of repression, the primary weapons of the state against us all.

The Cardiff arms fair:
The Defence Procurement, Research, Technology and Exportability (DPRTE) took place at the Motorpoint arena on 28th March this year. It is an opportunity for the arms industry and government representatives to conduct their murderous “business as usual”, leading to the arming of brutal regimes everywhere with all the latest tools for repression and wars. It was forced to move from Bristol in 2014 as a result of determined demos and actions and activists in Cardiff and beyond are aiming to do the same there. Get involved and help shut them down next year!

Lastly, supporting D, alongside several other comrades with impending trials, has used up a lot of much needed BDS funds. If you can help in any way with fundraising and/or donations for our ongoing solidarity work, please get in touch:

After trial statement of D

It has been evident to me for a long time that war and internal
oppression has been the main cause of death and misery among the
ordinary people of this World. The Arms Industry is the most profitable of all global industries. Arms manufacturers are dealers in death, reaping vast profits by sacrificing people like you and me, motivated purely by greed. The development of the
F-35 jet fighter cost £288 billion (The Economist). A hospital costs on average £75 million, a school £35 million. Since 2001 when the US declared a ‘war on terror’ arms sales have been rising at an alarming rate.

My name is D. Murphy. I live in Swansea, I have children, grandchildren and now a great-granchild and have worked for over 20 years in the voluntary sector. I have been a long-time campaigner against the arms trade and have gone down every avenue available to me to voice my opposition to it. In the early days this was signing petitions, writing to my MPs, leafletting and picketing Parliament and arms companies and the banks who invested in them, going on marches and demonstrations etc. But I have realised no one is listening.

In 2009-10 3 of us from Swansea drove an ambulance with medical aid to Gaza in Palestine as part of a humanitarian convoy. I saw with my own eyes the aftermath of war, where the Israeli government had carried out a sustained bombing campaign of a city no bigger than Swansea. Standing in the wreckage of bombed out homes, schools and hospitals brought home to me the utter destruction war wreaks on people’s lives and the senselessness of it all. That experience strengthened my resolve to do everything in my power to oppose this awful trade.

Most people will know that since 2014 a coalition of Gulf states led bySaudi Arabia has been waging war on the desperately poor country of Yemen (where I spent a day when our flight stopped over there). The result of this war has been over 5,000 civilian deaths and 20,000 casualties and a cholera epidemic raging with nearly half a million affected and over 2,000 deaths.

The British Government is arming Saudi Arabia in a special government to government contract. And BAE Systems is the main supplier. Saudi is then using British weapons for mass indiscriminate killing of civilians in Yemen which is a war crime. ’Made in Britain’ bombs have been found amidst the rubble of a housing complex where 67 civilians were killed.

Meanwhile, British Aid organisations can’t bring aid into that country because of the destruction of ports, roads and airports by the Saudi coalition. What irony. According to the UN the whole country is on the verge of famine with over 20 million people in need of aid.

All of this leads me to where I am today and why I took the action I did at the DPRTE, Defence Procurement Research Technology and Exportability, Arms fair in Cardiff on the 28th of March this year. Its very name cloaks what it really is. On its own website it claims to be the “UK’s Premier Defence Procurement Event”. According to the dictionary ‘defence procurement’ is ‘the action of acquiring military equipment and supplies’. It is an Arms Fair, no matter how the arms dealers try to disguise it. The UK Ministry of Defence is directly supplying Saudi and DPRTE is an Ministry of Defence Arms Fair. DPRTE is sponsored and attended by most of worlds largest arms companies all of which supply arms currently being used in Yemen. BAE Systems as always were present.

I joined about 70 protestors outside the Motorpoint Arena, and from early morning we protested with banners, placards, leafletting and chanting, but as on other occasions the arms fair went ahead. After nearly 20 years of protesting against the arms trade nothing we did seem to be making any difference.

On that day I acted in the only non-violent way open to me. I acted not out of a desire to do harm but precisely to PREVENT harm to innocent civilians in Yemen and by seeking to get the event peacefully and safely evacuated. I wanted to stop the fair, to stop the selling of arms. That was my intention.

Yesterday I was found Guilty by a jury in Cardiff Crown Court and today I was given a 3-month sentence suspended for 18 months. I said when I was first arrested that it was the Arms Dealers who should have been arrested in my stead, and I still believe it’s the Arms Dealers and the UK Government who should have been in the dock on trial for their complicity in War Crimes.

My resolve in opposing the Arms Trade has only been strengthened by this experience and I hope to see a huge protest outside next year’s DPRTE Arms Fair at the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff.

My thanks for all the support I have been shown – Solidarity is a Weapon.

d. Murphy.