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Prisoner Lists July 2012 & Upcoming Events

International Prisoner List – July 2012 (Bristol ABC)

Revolutionary Prisoners in Chile – July 2012 (Bristol ABC pamphlet)

Sunday 8th July @ Kebele Cafe, Easton – 6:30-8pm
The famous Vegan Sunday Dinner
Featuring letter writing

Wednesday 11th July @ The Croft – 8pm
Benefit for Bristol Anarchist Black Cross
Vestiges (US) + Downfall of Gaia (GER) + Warprayer. £5 adv, £6 otd

Sunday 15th July @ Kebele Social Centre, Easton – 6:30pm
Talk on the Russian Anarchist Movement by Moscow ABC comrade
w/ Prisoner art exhibition launch night & vegan food

A discussion on the struggle in Chile and “The Bombs Case” @ La Ruca Cafe

A discussion on the struggle in Chile, clips from the film “The Chicago Conspiracy” and a talk about “The Bombs Case”. Letter writing to Latin American prisoners at end.

Chiacgo Conspiracy:

The documentary addresses the legacy of the military dictatorship in Chile by sharing the story of  combatant youth who were killed by the Pinochet regime as a backdrop to the history of the military dictatorship and current social conflict in the area. The larger story is wrapped around three shorter pieces, which explore the student movement, the history of neighborhoods that became centers of armed resistance against the dictatorship, and the indigenous Mapuche conflict. The filmmakers, militant film collective Subversive Action Films, question their relationship to the documentary, taking a position as combatants. See here for more information.

The Bombs Case:

On August 14th, 2010, fourteen anarchists and anti-authoritarians were arrested in a series of raids in Santiago in what became known as the `Bombs Case`. They were accused of a series of bombings against capital and the state that took place around Santiago in the previous years, as well as of “criminal conspiracy” under the Pinochet-era Anti-Terrorist Laws. Since then, following a hunger strike by the prisoners, as well as countless solidarity actions from around the world, the charges against nine of the accused have been dropped (one of these people is facing other charges in a separate trial), but charges against five comrades remain. They are: Omar Hermosilla and Carlos Riveros, accused of providing the money to finance the costs of the attacks, as well as Mónica Caballero, Felipe Guerra, Francisco Solar, accused of the placement of the explosive devices at different points in Santiago. The trial continues.

Hunger Strike in Cárcel de Alta Seguridad (Chile)

October 26th 2011 - Prisoners on the
second and third floors of the H
wing of the Cárcel de Alta
Seguridad took action and started an
indefinite liquid hunger strike. 

This mobilisation has come about
because of the failure of the screws
to comply with past agreements and
the constant harassment of prisoners, as
well as their friends and families.
This is a spontaneous action by 24
prisoners, that is born from the
urgency of their situation.

This list of demands alone explains the daily conditions under which people must survive in the dungeon like prison: Continue reading

Solidarity with the 14 kidnapped by the Chilean ’democracy’.

On Saturday the 14th August, special police forces violently raided 3 squatted social centers and many private homes in 5 communes in the cities of Santiago and Valparaíso in Chile. The police intimidated people with weapons of war, broke windows and doors, and took many personal items from the houses. 14 people were detained without being informed of the reason for their detention for 3 hours.

Later 6 people were released on probation for lack of evidence against them. As for the people that remain imprisoned, they were put in isolation cells in maximum security jails where they are awaiting a 180 day-long investigation process and potentially a 20-year sentence for alledged illegal terrorist association. Continue reading