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Freedom for political prisoners fundraising calendar 2012

The USA remains not just one of the most unequal countries in terms of wealth distribution, but also one of the most oppressive.

Artwork - May 2012

Recent figures (end of 2010) indicate that it locks up some 2.4million people in its various prisons, an adult incarceration rate of about 0.8%, or just under 1 adult in every 100. In addition, over seven million more are under ‘correctional supervision’, and over 13 million pass through U.S. prisons and jails annually. America’s prison population has risen by some 1000% in 30 years. Unsurprisingly, two thirds are either unemployed or were surviving on an income of less than $5000 a year. At least 40% of women prisoners have young children. The USA imprisons more people than any other country in the world, and accounts for over 25% of the worlds prison population. Welcome to the land of the free. Not. With the US clamping down on its growing ‘Occupy’ movement with brutal robocops and chemical weapons (see Oakland – general strike 2 Nov & police repression;  Denver; Wall St), we can be sure the number of prisoners will increase.

Artwork - December 2012

Bristol ABC is pleased once again this year to be distributing the Certain Days ‘Freedom for political prisoners calendar 2012’. This is a long term fundraising, info & campaign project by Canadian activists & 3 long-term US political prisoners, who have collectively spent over 100 years inside prison. The 3 are all being held in maximum-security prisons in New York State, they are Robert Seth Hayes, Herman Bell & David Gilbert. Continue reading

Seasonal letter writing night for political prisoners

Bristol ABC’s monthly public letter-writing session sending seasonal solidarity greetings to prisoners around the world. For our last letter-writing bash of the year we will be in two places at the same time.

We’ll be at both venues from 7 to 9pm on Wednesday December 8. We should be on time, but if we aren’t it’ll be down to the latest students anti-fee rises and general anti-cuts protests that day. Hopefully we’ll see you at all events. Continue reading

Prisoners requesting support December 2010

Here is our updated December 2010 list of international and UK political prisoners welcoming support.

Download a copy:
As a PDF: Prisoners list_Dec 2010
As an open office doc: Prisoners list_Dec 2010

Why not print off a copy and pass it around/pin it up at your workplace, community or social centre, local pub/bar or alternative bookshop/space? Get your friends or campaign group to adopt a prisoner, or just send a few seasonal cards of solidarity? Remember these people are in prison because of acting on their political beliefs. It could be you one day. Continue reading

Political prisoners fundraising calendar 2011 is out now


Bristol ABC is once again selling this superb and informative calendar in the UK & Europe on behalf of the publishing collective, to raise funds to support political prisoners. Full details about the calendar are here, and on the Certain Days website. Why not let your friends, family and comrades know where you stand on political prisoners, by getting them a copy as a present? Continue reading

Prisoner support list for November

The updated November 2010 list of UK & international political prisoners welcoming support.

Here is our latest updated monthly prisoner support list to download:
open office doc version: Prisoners list_Nov 2010
pdf version: Prisoners list_Nov 2010

Continue reading

2010 Solidarity calendar available now

Once again Bristol ABC is delighted to be helping distro ‘Certain Days: the 2010 Freedom For All Political Prisoners Calendar’, which this year has a focus on Indigenous Resistance.

Calendar back cover showing 12 months artwork

This beautiful 44-page calendar is packed with superb full colour artwork, alongside extensive writings on the prisoners, campaigns and communities represented. It includes artwork by Martin Mantxo, the former Bristol street artivist and co-founder of Kebele social centre, who has now returned to his native Basque country (where he remains extremely active and artistic!). If you are looking for the perfect politically conscious gift supporting some vital causes this solstice/new year, then this is it! Continue reading