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Arrests mount but Dutch squatters escalate actions against squatting ban

On October 1 in Holland a ban on squatting was controversially introduced, making it technically illegal. For many years Holland has been perceived as a liberal nation in its attitudes to issues such as squatting, dope and sex workers. But like many European nations, recent years have seen the state moved further to the right by its political masters, and the peoples’ gains from previous cultural and class battles slowly eroded.

October 2nd -around 600 people demonstrate in Nijmegen against the squatting ban. Confrontations with the police. 13 people get arrested.

The ban on squatting has provoked serious anger. It has been confronted on a number of levels – on the street, in the courts, and of course by squatting more empty houses. There have been quite a few arrests, and a number of squatters who have refused to give the cops their identities have been remanded in prison awaiting a court date, whilst some others have received sentences such as ‘community service’! A report has been published listing a variety of actions and protests during the period October 1 to November 14. Read the timeline of actions report, which includes a number of links.

Free Renata Zelazna Letter Appeal

Campaign to support Renata
(Renata is a young Polish student and anarchist who has spent some time in the south of the UK involved in various campaigns and projects. After moving to Holland to pursue her interests, she ran into some serious shit. The following info has been circulated by some of her friends and supporters. There is plenty of background info to read here and here, and our previous report here).

Image circulated by Renata's friends

Renata Zelazna (aka Zebra) is a friend of ours, and a vegan and anarchist who is now on remand over an unfortunate chain of events. She was arrested in April 2010 in Holland where she had moved to study, after an altercation with construction site workers which ended up with police threatening her in her own flat. She was holding a knife that she was chopping vegetables with – leading to charges of attempted murder! Continue reading

Polish anarchist arrested in Holland

Renata Zelazna is a Polish anarchist and vegan that has been studying and living in Holland. She is also spent some time living in Brighton, UK.

Recently while she was staying in Holland, she was violently arrested by the Dutch police after a claim that she had thrown a stone at a machine on a building site. But during her arrest, it is claimed that there was some trouble, and the police are now trying to charge her with attempted murder of the policeman who tried to arrest her. More info can be found here. Continue reading