November Prisoner List

November has been a busy month and we have seen the forces of global capitalism attempting to tighten their grip and control – murdering the planet and stepping on a lot of us along the way. Their so-called solutions to the economic crisis seem only to be streamlining and intensifying the power of capital. Many are not fooled and have been rising up! Folks have been inspired by the Occupy movement, unions are out on the streets (if only for a day), travellers and friends have resisted violent eviction at Dale Farm, campuses have been occupied as students continue to rebel, Maggs & Allen estate agents offices have been attacked in solidarity with those protesting gentrification and  the Factory eviction , Santander bank was attacked in Bristol, and much more… and after all this there are still folks inside who need our support and solidarity.

Bristol ABC does montly letter writing nights, or you can take a few minutest to write someone a card (but remember that whatever you say can be read by the screws).

No one forgotten and nothing forgiven!

Prisoner list_Nov2011

2 responses to “November Prisoner List

  1. Do you guys know if we can send books?? Please let us know…

    • Hi,

      Whether or not you can send books depends on the prison/country/region. The best way to find out is to write to the prisoner and ask him/her what s/he can or can’t receive, and take it from there. Some restrictions you face are the issues around hard back books, sometimes you can’t send books directly (you have to go through amazon/abebooks etc), and so on. It’s always best to check first, see what the prisoner is interested in. I don’t want to put you off, but if you send something too controversial it may cause problems for the prisoner.

      In the U$ there are lots of books to prisoners projects set up, and in the UK there is the Haven books to prisoners charity. There are probably other projects in other places which are also really useful. Please share info about them if you know of any. Books to prisoners is an invaluable resource for prisoners.


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