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Callout for support for Belarus anarchists facing repression

The following callout was published on the Moscow ABC site by the Belarus ABC & friends of the arrested:

In connection with the situation about repression of anarchists and social activists getting worse WE – anarchists, friends and nearests of repressed ones – are calling you to take part in Days of Solidarity with Belarus Anarchists on the 10-13 December 2010. We consider that only international protests against repressions of independent activists trying to change things in Belarus for the better are able to make Lukashenko (Belarus president since 1994) give the go-ahead to stop mass arrests and to close political cases of Dedok, Frantskevich and Vetkin. Continue reading

Solidarity fundraiser night for persecuted Russian activist

This Sunday, 10 October, from 6pm, Bristol ABC is hosting a cafe and film night at Kebele social centre, 14 Robertson Rd, Bristol BS5 6JY. Half the proceeds from the cafe, and any other donations, will be sent off to support a Russian anti-fascist & anarchist who has been forced to flee his home city due to threats from both the state and right-wing groups. Continue reading

Prisoner support letter writing night with focus on Russian prisoners

Bristol Anarchist Black Cross (ABC) hosts a monthly letter writing night at Kebele Social Centre with the aim of providing a basic support to prisoners by writing to them, since the main goal of state power is to isolate our comrades from the movement. We mainly write to ‘political prisoners’, but also believe that every prisoner is a political prisoner. Continue reading

Solidarity fundraiser for Russian anti-fascists

(Update: From Russia With Love – the fundraiser enabled some £300 to be sent to comrades in Russia, who have sent a big ‘thank you’ in return. Details at Bristol Antifa).

Recent years have seen a rise in right-wing nationalism in Russia. Dire economic problems alongside a lessening of Russian influence on world affairs has led many of its politicians and industrialists to foster nationalism as a way of diverting the anger of workers and land workers down a path that will not threaten their power. Unsurprisingly there has been a growth of racist and fascist groups, including a growing and violent skinhead/hooligan culture, that take their anger out on vulnerable groups in society. Continue reading