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Legal support and defence fundraiser

Benefit for Canadian G20 legal defence and Bristol bust fund

Kebele Sound Collective and friends brings you a punk and ska fundraiser supporting direct action defendants, with:
Cartouche – melodic punk from the barricades of Paris
No Choice – legendary anarcho punk from South Wales
Na No and the Nachos – skanking new ska pink band from Bristol

Saturday April 9th from 8pm
The White Hart, Whitehall Road, Easton. BS5 9BJ.
£4/£3 conc

Here’s where the money goes: Continue reading

26 March legal & arrest update

The following info was published on the Freedom Press website today, having been sourced from the Met Police. Legal support from GBC and LDMG have been at courts and on the phone getting hold of defendants. There are likely to be more arrests and more people charged. Equally, many charges may be dropped, and even when they aren’t and the case goes to court, many people will be found not guilty. If you are arrested, and charged, don’t panic and don’t be scared. The police want you to be frightened and afraid, they want you to stop protesting and fighting. Don’t let them win – there is plenty of support available, make use of it.

Summary of arrests from March 26th

147 people charged with offences:
138 people charged with aggravated trespass in connection with the incident at Fortnum & Mason. Due to appear on various dates at City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court  (first being 9th May)
3 people charged with criminal damage
2 people charged with assaulting a police officer
1 person charged with S4 Public Order Act (threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour)
1 person charged with being drunk and disorderly Continue reading

No Comment: The Defendants Guide to Arrest

The 4th edition of No Comment: The Defendants Guide to Arrest was updated and republished by LDMG last week.

Funded by damages paid out by the Met Police for wrongful arrest and similar illegal acts, it is very useful reading for anyone at risk of arrest, which means anyone involved in protests.

20,000 copies have been printed up, many were handed out in London on Saturday. A few hundred have made it back to Bristol. Some have already been left at the Kebele and Factory social centres. Or you can download a copy of “No Comment” here (as a pdf).
Get reading.

Solidarity needed with defendants from London anti-cuts protests

The magnificent protests that rocked London on Saturday 26 March will have at least one major downside – mass arrests, with more to follow. Those arrested deserve and need our support.

So far it seems just over 200 people have been arrested, mainly, but not all, at either the Fortnum & Mason shop occupation, or later at night in Trafalgar Square when the cops kettled a party crowd of protesters. Most, but not all, are now out on either police or court bail. A few have taken a caution, a few released without charge, a few remain in custody. No doubt as cops trawl cctv and photo footage in the next days & weeks there will be more arrests.

27 March picket of Charing X cop shop

If you or someone you know has been arrested and you haven’t had legal advice yet, then get it fast. Ring the legal & arrest support helpline on 07946 541 511, or if you got indpendent legal advice elsewhere contact them anyway so they have your details – they may be able to help you anyway. Continue reading

March prisoner list and letter-writing night

Our monthly list of political prisoners welcoming support has been updated and is published below. It’s packed with links for more info, please use them. If you have any corrections of additions please let us know. Solidarity.

March list (open office format): Prisoners list_March2011
March list (pdf): Prisoners list_March2011

Prisoner support letter-writing night – Wednesday 9 March
Our monthly public letter-writing night returns this month to Kebele social centre, at 14 Robertson Rd, Bristol BS5 6JY. We’ll be there from 7 to 9pm with list of prisoners, paper, pens and envelopes. Come along and help send messages of solidarity to people locked up in places near and far away. Plus lots of other info and interesting news available at Kebele.

Jock Palfreeman’s sentence upheld after appeal – Support needed

Jock Palfreeman’s appeal against his 20 year sentence in Bulgaria has reportedly failed, as the Bulgarian state continues to ignore the facts (background – see previous articles).

This report come from FreeJock.com, a family based support website, dated 22 February:
“The appelate court has upheld the first court’s decision and maintained the 20 year sentence. This despite all the evidence supporting Jock’s story. The family finds this appalling and will file for a further appeal with the court of Cassation. When we have the written judgment from the appelate court we will be able to make a more detailed response to this decision.”

A similar report is posted on Anarchist Solidarity dated 23 February, and includes a defiant statement from Jock:
Jock finally received court verdict on his appeal. In blatant disregard for all the facts presented to them during the process, Bulgarian authorities upheld Jock’s ridiculous sentence, complete ingoring all evidence in his defence. There are no words to describe our contempt and disgust we feel towards all those people responsible for his imprisonment. Jock can appeal the decision within 14 days and the last appeal will take place within next few months. We have to put more pressure on Bulgarian authorities if we don’t want them to get away with what they are doing at the moment.

Here is Jock’s comment on the sentencing: Continue reading

Legal aid cuts will mean less justice and more prisoners

The ConDem Coalition’s attack on legal aid is just one of their many class-based attacks at present. As with nearly all of their so-called austerity measures, in practice it is once again lower or un-paid people who are being asked to foot the bill to prop up the financial system and keep the rich ever richer.

Whilst the proposed cuts of around £350 million focus on ‘civil’ legal aid, they will directly affect poorer people most and expose them to greater injustice, poverty, and quite possibly prison. We can also expect a further squeeze on criminal legal aid. All cuts to legal aid effectively reduce access to ‘legal justice’ from those least able to afford it, and in most need of it. The majority of prisoners come from poor and/or vulnerable backgrounds for example, and rely on legal aid not just for their original cases but also to defend their rights whilst in prison, and around such issues as parole hearings and any alleged offences committed whilst locked up. Continue reading

Meeting in London for all arrested at London student protests

Were you arrested at any of the student demonstrations in London last November, December, or even last Saturday?

If you were, then this meeting in London on 6 February is for you. It has been organised by two London-based groups involved in providing unconditional legal support and info for our movements – the Legal Defence & Monitoring Group (LDMG) and the Green & Black Cross (GBC). Here is their callout:
New venue update:
Malet Suite at University of London Union (ULU), 6 Malet Street, London, WC1E 7HY from 12 to 3pm. Continue reading

Thessaloniki 4 appeal decision imminent

Court decision likely on 31 January / Bristol fundraiser on Saturday 5 February

The appeal by the Thessaloniki 4 against their sentences is likely to conclude on Monday 31 January, in Greece. The 4 face sentences of at least 5 to 8 years in a Greek prison if the appeal fails. Their alleged crimes occurred during protests in Thessaloniki in June 2003 against an EU summit. Background info here and here. Continue reading

Major political trials start in Greece

The 14 and 17 January sees the start of 3 major political trials in Greece, in one instance dating back to events over 7 years ago. In the face of widespread radical opposition and street protests, the right-wing Greek state appears determined to try and lock up as many radicals as it can, while it still can. Continue reading