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9th of September condensed news reports

Send information about the recent US prison strike to folks inside! Here are some files of information that has been gathered about the strike formatted to fit on A4 sheets of paper per file so they can be printed and mailed in to prisoners (where prisons are not too aggressive with censorship, that is).





Dinner and infonight in solidarity with US national prison strike

On the 8th of September we are having a fundraising dinner and infonight in solidairty with striking workers who are fighting against the slavery of the United States prison industrial complex.

Come to Kebele Community Centre, 14 Roberstson Road, BS5 6JY, at 6.30 pm on Thursday the 8th of September for food and to find out more about their struggle. There will be a discussion with the importance of prisoner solidarity and the need for prisoners’ unions with Bristol ABC and members of the  Incarcerated Workers’ Organising Committee, who are involved in assisting with the prison strike from the outside in the US.

In the words of prisoners involved in the strike:

Slavery is alive and well in the prison system, but by the end of this year, it won’t be anymore. This is a call to end slavery in America. This call goes directly to the slaves themselves. We are not making demands or requests of our captors, we are calling ourselves to action. To every prisoner in every state and federal institution across this land, we call on you to stop being a slave, to let the crops rot in the plantation fields, to go on strike and cease reproducing the institutions of your confinement.

This is a call for a nation-wide prisoner work stoppage to end prison slavery, starting on September 9th, 2016. They cannot run these facilities without us.

For the rest of the callout and for more information about the strike, visit iwoc.noblogs.org and itsgoingdown.org


Birmingham Prison: Riot cops sent in after stand-off on wing, a man dead

A squad of specialist prison riot cops were sent into Birmingham prison after a stand-off between prisoners and screws.

The scum multi-national G4S, which operates HM Prison Birmingham, confirmed the incident happened on Friday night but denied that it was linked to the “unexplained” death of a prisoner in a different wing earlier in the day. Cops were called to the prison at 1pm on Friday [8 July] after a prisoner was found dead in his cell on L wing.

Sources inside the prison had claimed that a number of prisoners had been involved in a protest later in the day on B wing. But scum G4S probably lying through their teeth claimed that only one person had climbed on to safety netting and added that it was not connected to the earlier death. It confirmed that specialist prison riot cops – known as a tornado squad – had been deployed to deal with the single prisoner on the netting. It said that the stand-off ended when the prisoner came down just after midnight.

(Originally posted on Fire on the Horizon)