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New campaign against proposed Titan prisons

Bristol ABC has attended the three founding meetings of a new campaign:

Communities of Resistance (CoRe) – Building a campaign against Titan prisons

The campaign has now been formally launched. Leaflets and more info available soon. If you live in the Bristol area and want to know more, or get involved, please contact Bristol ABC. We would be particularly interested to hear from prisoners and their families.

The new campaign has this to say:
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SUBVERT 2008 Festival 24th-26th October

A weekend Festival of Resistance drawing together the themes or anti-prison campaigning & prisoner support, and organising against border controls and the demonisation of migrants.

You don’t need to be a genius, nor an anarchist, to see the links between the two, as the number of prisoners and detained migrants rockets, as state surveillance reaches new levels of intrusiveness, all against a backdrop of global financial crisis and the start of a major economic depression. The state is clamping down on dissent, preparing for social unrest, and as usual scapegoating the most vulnerable sections of society.

This weekend of events will look at alternatives to the current failing economic & social policies, and highlight examples of resistance.
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Why Prisons Don’t Make Our Communities Safer

24th October 2008
Kebele Social Centre
14 Robertson Road
Bristol, BS5 6JY

Free entry
Drinks and snacks by donation

Bristol ABC is very pleased to host this free workshop, facilitated by Sam Lamble. This is a shortened version of a longer workshop that examines the social cost of prison, especially for women, transpeople, queers, people of colour and poor people, while also exploring the alternatives to punishment and imprisonment.

For an online resource pack that complements the workshop, please visit this site: