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Sounds Of Scumbria CD fundraiser for prisoner support

‘Sounds of Scumbria’ is a cracking DIY fundraiser CD produced by SPAC (Scumbrian Pariahs Anarchist Collective). They’ve produced it off their own backs as a fundraiser for prisoner support, with proceeds coming from them to Bristol ABC to share out amongst prisoner support and solidarity projects.

CD cover pic

SPAC come from Scumbria, better known as South Cumbria. The CD features music from bands in their area, and from bands with a Scumbrian in their line up. The 25 songs include tracks by the likes of Skuff, UK Assassins, Electra Glide, Runt Hornet, Bag of Spanners, Poor Kids With Guns and much more, including (and better known in these parts) the magnificent Autonomads. Continue reading