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Updates on Canadian G20 defendants and prisoners

News received from friends at Toronto ABC

Toronto G20 Arrestees
June 2010 saw mass protests against the G8/20 meetings in Toronto. There were also mass arrests, with 1093 detained in brutal conditions. Of these over 250 were released facing pending charges, while a few outspoken community activists remain in jail or under house arrest, facing more serious charges.

The Canadian government is clearly hoping to utilize the “conspiracy” model pioneered in the SHAC 7 and RNC 8 cases to terrorize dissidents involved in laying the framework for protests. Your general messages of solidarity to the individuals under house arrest and in jail will mean a lot to them.
More info: g20.torontomobilize.org and Toronto.mediacoop.ca and torontoabc.wordpress.com Continue reading

Callout for Solidarity with the Thessaloniki 4

Beaten Up, Fitted Up, Don’t Let Them Get Banged Up

Over a hundred people were arrested after a demonstration confronting the European Union summit, held in Thessaloniki in Greece back in 2003. Seven people were imprisoned and held on remand, including UK protester Simon Chapman. The prisoners began a hunger strike that lasted more than 50 days.

A massive worldwide solidarity campaign followed including demonstrations, direct action and occupations leading to all seven being released on bail (archive of solidarity actions). All the charges were eventually dropped.

Years later after appeals from the Prosecutor the charges were reinstated. The first case finally came before the Courts in January 2008 where Simon Chapman and three of the other defendants – Suleiman “Kastro” Dakdouk (Syrian origin), Fernando Perez Gorraiz (Spain) and Michaelis Triakapis (Greece) – were found guilty.

Cops plant black rucksack filled with petrol bombs on Chapman after he'd been beaten up

All of those accused maintain their innocence and video and photographic evidence clearly shows police planting a rucksack filled with petrol bombs next to Simon. This didn’t stop him receiving a prison sentence of more than eight years, with the other defendants all receiving over five years.

They will now face the Appeal Court again in January 2011, Continue reading

Why prisoner support is important

We have produced a simple new flyer entitled ‘Why Prisoner Support?’ that we’ll be distributing at upcoming events in Bristol. You can download the flyer as a pdf here why prisoner support and it would help if you can make copies and distro it in your local area.

The flyer is an edited version of a longer article written last year, that sets out clearly why anarchists should involve themselves in prisoner support – the longer article is below. Continue reading

Free Renata Zelazna Letter Appeal

Campaign to support Renata
(Renata is a young Polish student and anarchist who has spent some time in the south of the UK involved in various campaigns and projects. After moving to Holland to pursue her interests, she ran into some serious shit. The following info has been circulated by some of her friends and supporters. There is plenty of background info to read here and here, and our previous report here).

Image circulated by Renata's friends

Renata Zelazna (aka Zebra) is a friend of ours, and a vegan and anarchist who is now on remand over an unfortunate chain of events. She was arrested in April 2010 in Holland where she had moved to study, after an altercation with construction site workers which ended up with police threatening her in her own flat. She was holding a knife that she was chopping vegetables with – leading to charges of attempted murder! Continue reading

Prisoner support fundraising event on 5 December

benefit gig flyer

(Update 6/12/09 – Saturday’s fundraiser was a hectic one, and after costs over £250 was raised for our projects. Many thanks to the organisers, the bands, and all who came.)

This Saturday we have a fundraising gig at The White Hart, 181 Whitehall Rd, Easton, Bristol BS5 9BJ. The fundraiser has been organised for us by our friends the Bastard Squad Collective, with Kebele Sound doing the PA. For bands see the flyer, there should also be projections and info/book stalls. It starts at 8pm and its a fiver on the door. Late bar. Do come along, it’ll be a cracking night out, and you can find out more about what we do and why – come and chat to us between the bands! Continue reading

2010 Solidarity calendar available now

Once again Bristol ABC is delighted to be helping distro ‘Certain Days: the 2010 Freedom For All Political Prisoners Calendar’, which this year has a focus on Indigenous Resistance.

Calendar back cover showing 12 months artwork

This beautiful 44-page calendar is packed with superb full colour artwork, alongside extensive writings on the prisoners, campaigns and communities represented. It includes artwork by Martin Mantxo, the former Bristol street artivist and co-founder of Kebele social centre, who has now returned to his native Basque country (where he remains extremely active and artistic!). If you are looking for the perfect politically conscious gift supporting some vital causes this solstice/new year, then this is it! Continue reading

Police pay out again for false imprisonment

The following info comes from London Animal Rights and was dated 22 April 2009. Once again the cops have been caught out falsely imprisoning people after stopping them attending a protest. The case has marked similarities to the Fairford coach action, which started back in March 2003, and where claims for civil damages are still ongoing (although the individual that started that case has received a payout already). Given the large number of stupid & pointless arrests arising from the G20 and the Nottingham alleged climate protest, we can expect quite a few more payouts from the cops in future. The Fairford website has some useful info and lists of ok solicitors if you fancy a payout! Continue reading

EDO Decommissioners solidarity & related events

This weekend is exactly 3 months since the Bristol-based EDO Decommissioners entered and wrecked the EDO/MBM ITT factory in Brighton, in an attempt to prevent greater war crimes occurring in Gaza and elsewhere.  Since then there has been solidarity with them in Bristol – benefit gigs, meetings, petitions, graffiti, flyposting & flyers, a prison solidarity picket at Bristol prison, and unconfirmed reports of property damage against weapons manufacturers and the state. Down in Brighton the Smash EDO campaign continues apace, alongside solidarity with defendants including fundraising and attacks on property. Continue reading

Bristol’s Big Greek Solidarity Benefit – this Saturday

Viva La Resisdance – a fundraiser for defendants and prisoners in Greece resulting from the revolt that commenced last December – this Saturday, 28 March, in central Bristol. Continue reading

Bristol’s EDO Decommissioners face unfair trial

Another state clampdown on dissent as 2 defendants remain on remand

It appears that the 6 Bristol EDO Decommissioners, along with the 3 Brighton residents who have been charged with them, now face an unfair trial.
Continue reading