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Video on Gaza demo in London

Received by email: Thought you might be interested in this video about police repression during and after the gaza protests in London. As am sure you know, many people were repeatedly brutally attacked by the police in their own homes. Its only five minutes, so doesn’t go into much detail, but it is punchy and should help to make people more aware of what happened in the past year… Would be good if you could publicise it too, as original attempts at publicising it went flat when the youtube link was stopped..:

For the video click here.

More info on NoMoreIsolation blog.

Support the London 2009 Gaza protesters facing heavy prison sentences

Early 2009 saw many protests in Bristol against the Israeli bombing of Gaza. In London there were a number of large angry marches opposing the bombing of families in Gaza. Some of those protesters are now facing heavy prison sentence. This report from NoMoreIsolation:

93 ARRESTED, 73 CHARGED, 10 JAILED SO FAR Continue reading