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Solidarity fund for six new anti-fascist UK prisoners

Our comrades at Leeds ABC have helped set up a solidarity fund for the 6 UK anti-fascists recently imprisoned for upto 21 months: “A solidarity fund has been set up to support the antifascist prisoners recently arrested. At a time when the state is applying increasingly draconian measures to thwart all forms of political protest and resistance of all kinds it is important that our prisoners are supported.”

Please send cheques made payable to ‘The Cable Street Society’, c/o Leeds ABC, 145-149 Cardigan Road, Leeds, LS6 1L
Or pay by bank transfer – details here.

Leeds ABC have been in touch with the prisoners: “These comrades have been fitted-up and deserve our fullest possible support. Please write to them or send a solidarity card. Please send a stamped self-addressed envelope if you would like a reply, or if you can afford it they can receive stamps, stationery, and postal orders (made payable to ‘The Governor’). They can also receive books sent via Amazon. Continue reading

Legal support and defence fundraiser

Benefit for Canadian G20 legal defence and Bristol bust fund

Kebele Sound Collective and friends brings you a punk and ska fundraiser supporting direct action defendants, with:
Cartouche – melodic punk from the barricades of Paris
No Choice – legendary anarcho punk from South Wales
Na No and the Nachos – skanking new ska pink band from Bristol

Saturday April 9th from 8pm
The White Hart, Whitehall Road, Easton. BS5 9BJ.
£4/£3 conc

Here’s where the money goes: Continue reading

Solidarity needed with defendants from London anti-cuts protests

The magnificent protests that rocked London on Saturday 26 March will have at least one major downside – mass arrests, with more to follow. Those arrested deserve and need our support.

So far it seems just over 200 people have been arrested, mainly, but not all, at either the Fortnum & Mason shop occupation, or later at night in Trafalgar Square when the cops kettled a party crowd of protesters. Most, but not all, are now out on either police or court bail. A few have taken a caution, a few released without charge, a few remain in custody. No doubt as cops trawl cctv and photo footage in the next days & weeks there will be more arrests.

27 March picket of Charing X cop shop

If you or someone you know has been arrested and you haven’t had legal advice yet, then get it fast. Ring the legal & arrest support helpline on 07946 541 511, or if you got indpendent legal advice elsewhere contact them anyway so they have your details – they may be able to help you anyway. Continue reading

Thessaloniki 4 in Greek court appeal win shocker!

In an extremely surprising decision, the Thessaloniki 4 have effectively won their appeal against sentences ranging from 5 to 8.5 years, and have been released.(except for Michaelis Triakapis who remains inside for a different matter).

Chapman's ordeal began when cops planted a black rucksack full of petrol bombs on him

This has been confirmed by a text from a close personal friend of UK defendant Simon Chapman, and by this post From the Greek Streets:
“All of the Thessaloniki 4 are free. The four comrades, including UK anarchist Simon Chapman, have been found not guilty for all (except one minor charge) in Greek court of the charges going back to the EU Summit protests and riots in Thessaloniki in 2003.

All four of the defendants are free. All the initial charges were dropped apart from “distinguished defiance of authority” which was then reduced to “minor defiance of authority”. This is a misdemeanour, carrying a 6-month suspended sentence, but none of them will be imprisoned unless of course someone is charged again during these six months. This was the best the juries could ever do, since they had to be charged of something, in order to “justify” the six months they had spent in prison back in 2003.” Continue reading

Solidarity fundraiser for Bristolian anti-fascist

Bristol’s self-sustaining DIY fundraising activists put on another important cracker this Friday, 10 December, in support of local comrades facing charges from recent anti-fascist actions.

So whether you’re into the music, or not, come on down to show some solidarity, you can always have a good drink and natter out the back! The strength of our movement can in many ways be measured by the solidarity we show to those friends and comrades facing repression, let’s not let them down!

This little gem has been put together by ‘Inna Minute Innit Presents’… Continue reading

Seasonal letter writing night for political prisoners

Bristol ABC’s monthly public letter-writing session sending seasonal solidarity greetings to prisoners around the world. For our last letter-writing bash of the year we will be in two places at the same time.

We’ll be at both venues from 7 to 9pm on Wednesday December 8. We should be on time, but if we aren’t it’ll be down to the latest students anti-fee rises and general anti-cuts protests that day. Hopefully we’ll see you at all events. Continue reading

Prisoners requesting support December 2010

Here is our updated December 2010 list of international and UK political prisoners welcoming support.

Download a copy:
As a PDF: Prisoners list_Dec 2010
As an open office doc: Prisoners list_Dec 2010

Why not print off a copy and pass it around/pin it up at your workplace, community or social centre, local pub/bar or alternative bookshop/space? Get your friends or campaign group to adopt a prisoner, or just send a few seasonal cards of solidarity? Remember these people are in prison because of acting on their political beliefs. It could be you one day. Continue reading

Political prisoners fundraising calendar 2011 is out now


Bristol ABC is once again selling this superb and informative calendar in the UK & Europe on behalf of the publishing collective, to raise funds to support political prisoners. Full details about the calendar are here, and on the Certain Days website. Why not let your friends, family and comrades know where you stand on political prisoners, by getting them a copy as a present? Continue reading

Callout for Solidarity with the Thessaloniki 4

Beaten Up, Fitted Up, Don’t Let Them Get Banged Up

Over a hundred people were arrested after a demonstration confronting the European Union summit, held in Thessaloniki in Greece back in 2003. Seven people were imprisoned and held on remand, including UK protester Simon Chapman. The prisoners began a hunger strike that lasted more than 50 days.

A massive worldwide solidarity campaign followed including demonstrations, direct action and occupations leading to all seven being released on bail (archive of solidarity actions). All the charges were eventually dropped.

Years later after appeals from the Prosecutor the charges were reinstated. The first case finally came before the Courts in January 2008 where Simon Chapman and three of the other defendants – Suleiman “Kastro” Dakdouk (Syrian origin), Fernando Perez Gorraiz (Spain) and Michaelis Triakapis (Greece) – were found guilty.

Cops plant black rucksack filled with petrol bombs on Chapman after he'd been beaten up

All of those accused maintain their innocence and video and photographic evidence clearly shows police planting a rucksack filled with petrol bombs next to Simon. This didn’t stop him receiving a prison sentence of more than eight years, with the other defendants all receiving over five years.

They will now face the Appeal Court again in January 2011, Continue reading

The Tattoo Circus DIY prisoner support benefit FUNdraiser

Saturday 20 November, in London, sees the capital’s second Tattoo Circus of the year, and it looks like being another weird and wonderful cracker of an event!

It all kicks of at 11am in the morning. For venue details ring 07908 037170 or 07908 068724 after 10pm on Friday 19 November. Continue reading