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Prisoner support letter writing and social evening

Greek democracy in action right now

This Wednesday 9 December sees our last monthly public letter-writing session of the year, and it’ll be a social too – with food and hot drinks, plenty of time to chat, find out more about supporting political prisoners, and we hope to round off with a 30 minute dvd of anarchic comedy. Continue reading

Bristol EDO Decommissioner 10 months on remand

10 months ago yesterday, on 18 January 2009, Elijah (James) Smith and 5 other anti-militarists from Bristol were arrested in Brighton. They had spent the previous night decommissioning the EDO/MBM/ITT factory in Brighton, in an attempt to stop it providing parts for weapons being used by the Israeli army to bomb civilians in Gaza. Nobody was injured or harassed during their action, which was one of property damage/sabotage. They did not resist arrest.

Exactly 10 months on and Elijah Smith is still on remand. Yes thats right – 10 months in prison without trial. And it looks as if he is likely to remain in prison until the trial actually starts, probably on 17 May 2010, by which time he’ll have spent 16 months on remand. British justice?

Elijah is currently at Bristol prison, please write to him in solidarity: Elijah Smith VP7551, HMP Bristol, 19 Cambridge Rd, Horfield, Bristol, BS7 8PS Continue reading

EDO Decommissioners update and correction

The 2 Bristol EDO Decommissioners arrested near Manchester on Saturday have been released today, Monday 19 October!

Along with the woman from Brighton who was also arrested for alleged breach of bail, they were in court today in Oldham (apologies, it was not Brighton as we expected). However it seems the prosecution offered no evidence and/or ran out of time, so the case was dismissed. So we can only presume it was some straight up harassment of the 3 defendants by the state, because lets face it if they really wanted to nail them they would have tried a bit harder. But thats good news for now, all 3 should be safely tucked up in their homes by now, getting some well earned rest. Lets be a bit more careful out there next time folks… Continue reading

2 Bristol Decommissioners re-arrested and 1 ghosted

2 of Bristol’s 6 EDO Decommissioners were re-arrested on Saturday at an anti-militarist protest (see photos) near Manchester. Continue reading

Remanded Bristol EDO Decommissioner in court frenzy

The last remaining Bristol EDO Decommissioner on remand, Elijah (James) Smith, is in the midst of a frenzy of court activity these current few weeks. Indeed the court appearances for a variety of cases is hard to keep up with. In fact, we think it’d make far more sense to just let the guy out and write-off all the cases, doesn’t our injustice system have better things to waste their money on? Like corrupt politicians, or murdering arms corporations? Obviously not in this class society! Continue reading

Prisoner support at the bookfair and comutiny

bookfair mural in the city centre

bookfair mural in the city centre

Bristol ABC prisoner support group will have a stall at this Saturday’s Bristol anarchist bookfair. We’ll have lots of info/advice about supporting prisoners and writing to them, along with lists of prisoners requesting to support. If you are nervous about writing to a prisoner, fear not – we’ll have postcards on the day you can use. Continue reading

EDO Decommissioners update & benefit bash

As the legal case around the 6 Bristol EDO Decommissioners grows ever more complicated, there’s timely news of another benefit for their support campaign this Friday, 4 September, from 8.30pm at The Plough – see image! These benefits help pay for publicity and research in defence of the six, along with some travel costs and of course prisoner support – Elija (James) Smith is still on remand remember, nearly 8 months in jail without a trial. Continue reading

7 months on remand and a birthday in prison!

We regret that Bristol ABC will not be holding its monthly letter writing session on 12 August. This is due to some of us being away, other activities, and the fact that our venue (Kebele social centre) is undergoing a major kitchen/cafe refit. Monthly letter writing sessions will return in September, on the second Wednesday9 September, and you can also find us at the Bristol Anarchist Bookfair on 12 September. Continue reading

EDO Decommissioners latest news and James back at Horfield prison

Its been a while since we updated on the EDO Decommissioners, but there’s plenty of news. So read on, keep giving them your support, and do what they cannot actively do whilst on bail – confront the arms dealers profiting from wars and death.

This news is broken down into 4 parts:
1. Remand prisoners & defendants update
2. Legal moves
3. Fundraising support
4. Raytheon cases Continue reading

EDO Decommissioners back in court on May 8th

The six Bristol EDO Decommissioners are back at court in Brighton this Friday, May 8th. Alongside them will be the 3 Brighton campaigners allegedly caught up in the anti-EDO arms factory action back on 16 January.

The court appearance comes just days after Smash EDO’s Mayday Mayday street party and protest against the EDO weapons factory, that saw upto 2000 take to the streets and largely outflank a massive operation by riot cops. Separately to the street party, actions were also taken against banks and corporations involved in the business of making money out of wars and oppression.

Continue reading