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Prisons, privatisation, and profit

Bristol ABC has received a copy of an excellent article tracing the privatisation programme of British prisons, and the profit motive behind it. Luckily for the profiteers, the British Govt PLC is expanding prison capacity, and asking them to get rich helping with it. Unluckily for us, it means more of us face the misery of prison conditions.

The article is written by a long term anti-prison activist, Bra. It can also be read in its original format at ‘Last Hours’ here. Continue reading

Bristol prisoner support meeting

Bristol ABC Prisoner Support – Regular monthly discussion and letter writing meeting
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New campaign against proposed Titan prisons

Bristol ABC has attended the three founding meetings of a new campaign:

Communities of Resistance (CoRe) – Building a campaign against Titan prisons

The campaign has now been formally launched. Leaflets and more info available soon. If you live in the Bristol area and want to know more, or get involved, please contact Bristol ABC. We would be particularly interested to hear from prisoners and their families.

The new campaign has this to say:
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