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Anti-repression round up

So two weeks after the wave of disturbances swept across England, and the state’s blinkered response is clear to one and all – revenge against all those that stepped outside the accepted norms of of our disfunctional society. Unless of course you are a politician, media tycoon, corporation, or cop, in which case the normal rules dont apply and you are free to get away with just about anything – like stealing £’s thousands and millions, and of course shooting people dead.

What we are seeing is naked class justice from the ruling class directed at the working class, as they break all the rules they expect us to abide by and make up new ones to suit themselves along the way. Or to look at it another way, on the 10th August they were scared, very scared, and they didn’t like it one bit. So thousands arrested, over 1600 so far railroaded through emergency courts, hundreds of images of people published by the media before any sort of trial, unusually long prison sentences and irregular bail conditions handed down, and so on. With the prisons & police cells full to bursting with both remanded and sentenced prisoners, it only needs one spark for the whole prison system to break down, whilst the conditions inside the prisons will cause many prisoners to break down. The suicide of a remand prisoner at Bristol prison last weekend will not be the last (remember that whatever charges the person may face, they aint even been to trial yet). Meanwhile back on the streets its business as usual for the ruling class with rising unemployment and inflation, more cuts to services, devalued wages and pensions and savings, and of course more bank bailouts from public money. Continue reading

Political prisoners list July 2011

Here is the monthly list of political prisoners compiled by Bristol ABC, for July 2011.
As an open office doc:

It is a worrying fact that the list of political prisoners is growing both here in the UK and around the world. The fact of the matter is that we barely scratch the surface of the list of people doing time for their political beliefs and actions. Indeed, if you look through our list, you will note that details of political prisoners across eastern Europe, Africa, Asia and the middle east are almost entirely absent. These peoples’ plights are virtually unrecorded (in the english language at least) , and they number in the tens of thousands, with many disappearing forever, as often as not murdered by their repressive regimes. Continue reading

Solidarity fund for six new anti-fascist UK prisoners

Our comrades at Leeds ABC have helped set up a solidarity fund for the 6 UK anti-fascists recently imprisoned for upto 21 months: “A solidarity fund has been set up to support the antifascist prisoners recently arrested. At a time when the state is applying increasingly draconian measures to thwart all forms of political protest and resistance of all kinds it is important that our prisoners are supported.”

Please send cheques made payable to ‘The Cable Street Society’, c/o Leeds ABC, 145-149 Cardigan Road, Leeds, LS6 1L
Or pay by bank transfer – details here.

Leeds ABC have been in touch with the prisoners: “These comrades have been fitted-up and deserve our fullest possible support. Please write to them or send a solidarity card. Please send a stamped self-addressed envelope if you would like a reply, or if you can afford it they can receive stamps, stationery, and postal orders (made payable to ‘The Governor’). They can also receive books sent via Amazon. Continue reading

Prisoner support film and letter-writing night


Wednesday 13 July, 7 to 9pm
The Factory social space, Cave St/Portland Sq, St Pauls, Bristol BS2 8RU
All welcome, free entry, donations welcome. Cake & drinks available.

Ashanti Alston
The former political prisoner & anarchist black panther spoke at Monkeywrench books in Feb 2010 (Texas, USA). He talks about his politicisation, the black panther movement, black liberation army, solidarity & anarchism (50mins)

Submedia punk shit up!
Submedia bring us their classic brand of humorous political updates from around the world. In this episode they talk about the Vancouver ice hockey riots, Chilean urban ecodefense & updates on those facing charges following the G20. (15mins) Continue reading

Jock Palfreeman’s sentence upheld after appeal – Support needed

Jock Palfreeman’s appeal against his 20 year sentence in Bulgaria has reportedly failed, as the Bulgarian state continues to ignore the facts (background – see previous articles).

This report come from FreeJock.com, a family based support website, dated 22 February:
“The appelate court has upheld the first court’s decision and maintained the 20 year sentence. This despite all the evidence supporting Jock’s story. The family finds this appalling and will file for a further appeal with the court of Cassation. When we have the written judgment from the appelate court we will be able to make a more detailed response to this decision.”

A similar report is posted on Anarchist Solidarity dated 23 February, and includes a defiant statement from Jock:
Jock finally received court verdict on his appeal. In blatant disregard for all the facts presented to them during the process, Bulgarian authorities upheld Jock’s ridiculous sentence, complete ingoring all evidence in his defence. There are no words to describe our contempt and disgust we feel towards all those people responsible for his imprisonment. Jock can appeal the decision within 14 days and the last appeal will take place within next few months. We have to put more pressure on Bulgarian authorities if we don’t want them to get away with what they are doing at the moment.

Here is Jock’s comment on the sentencing: Continue reading

Jock Palfreeman appeal trial continues 19 January

New public statement issued by Jock!

Jock’s appeal against his sentencing/convictions for murder and attempted murder continued late into December 2010. His next court date is set for 19 January in Sofia, Bulgaria, when the judge is likely to hear pleas from both sides before retiring to consider his verdict – which may take a month or two? Continue reading

Solidarity fundraiser for Bristolian anti-fascist

Bristol’s self-sustaining DIY fundraising activists put on another important cracker this Friday, 10 December, in support of local comrades facing charges from recent anti-fascist actions.

So whether you’re into the music, or not, come on down to show some solidarity, you can always have a good drink and natter out the back! The strength of our movement can in many ways be measured by the solidarity we show to those friends and comrades facing repression, let’s not let them down!

This little gem has been put together by ‘Inna Minute Innit Presents’… Continue reading

Solidarity fundraiser night for persecuted Russian activist

This Sunday, 10 October, from 6pm, Bristol ABC is hosting a cafe and film night at Kebele social centre, 14 Robertson Rd, Bristol BS5 6JY. Half the proceeds from the cafe, and any other donations, will be sent off to support a Russian anti-fascist & anarchist who has been forced to flee his home city due to threats from both the state and right-wing groups. Continue reading

Active Solidarity freesheet, Jock Palfreeman, and letter writing night

Our friends at the long running Brighton ABC group have just released the latest issue of their Active Solidarity freesheet. You can download it as a pdf here Active Solidarity_Mar10 and do pass it on.

One of the political prisoners they feature is Jock Palfreeman, whose case we featured back in December here. Jock is serving 20 years in a Bulgarian prison after defending himself against a large gang of nazis, one of whom he killed in self-defence, and wounded another. He has 2 chances of appeal to different levels of courts before his sentence is finalised. A letter just received from him in Bristol, and sent in mid-February, finds him in fine form, although when refering to the appeals he believes they are a bit of a foregone conclusion, not least because some judges were at the funeral of the nazi he killed. However since he sent that letter, matters have taken a turn for the worse for him, as revealed on his campaign website FreeJockon 19 February he was placed in complete isolation (solitary confinement), the first prisoner to be so treated. In fact he could be there for upto 2 years whilst the appeals procedure is exhausted, which is an outrageous injustice designed to intimidate prisoners from appealing miscarriages of justice. Please check the links on FreeJock here and here and get sending letters of protest on his behalf. Continue reading

Solidarity fundraiser for Russian anti-fascists

(Update: From Russia With Love – the fundraiser enabled some £300 to be sent to comrades in Russia, who have sent a big ‘thank you’ in return. Details at Bristol Antifa).

Recent years have seen a rise in right-wing nationalism in Russia. Dire economic problems alongside a lessening of Russian influence on world affairs has led many of its politicians and industrialists to foster nationalism as a way of diverting the anger of workers and land workers down a path that will not threaten their power. Unsurprisingly there has been a growth of racist and fascist groups, including a growing and violent skinhead/hooligan culture, that take their anger out on vulnerable groups in society. Continue reading