Fundraising Call For Imprisoned Anti-Fascists In Sweden

Right now eight comrades are serving prison sentences at institutions in Tidaholm, Malmo, Vastervik, Sala, Frovi and Rosersberg. All are convicted of political crimes. Another 4 comrades have been sentenced to prison and are now awaiting setting dates. In addition, 13 people is accused of rioting in connection with a counter-demonstration against the fascist party Svenskarnas Parti (Swedes’ Party) demonstration in Eskilstuna on 1 May 2012. In late March, an additional 29 people is also expected to be prosecuted. These 29 are suspects after two large counter-demonstrations against the fascist Swedes’ Party during the election campaign. (Limhamn in Malmö August 23, 2014 and central Stockholm August 30, 2014.)

That makes a total of 12 already imposed prison sentences against anti-fascists and 42 more have been charged or are awaiting prosecution. These events are historical as they distinguish the most aggressive repression of the anti-fascist movement in Sweden so far.

We in the Prisoner Support Association are struggling to make the lives of our comrades in prisons as bearable and easygoing as possible. We have a close contact with the prisoners and our goal is to be there and support our comrades in their everyday lives throughout their incarceration. Along with the prisoners we have started an internal prison newspaper where all imprisoned anti-fascists in Sweden are committed and writes texts for each other and can receive relevant news from the outside. The paper has become much appreciated!

Our prison support work is long term and requires resources! Several comrades are serving long prison sentences and we urge all comrades outside the walls to support us with financial resources. Your contribution makes a big difference! Together we disarm the repression!

If you are going to give money to our Swedish bank account, use this account number:
IBAN : SE0680000832799438650120


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