Harmondsworth protest update

Resistance continues today at Harmondsworth and Colnbrook.Over 70 people detained have gathered in the courtyard to continue the protest.Outside at 9am a group of people made a solidarity demonstration in support of the protests. They could hear people shouting ‘Freedom’ and ‘No Food’. The police were called to the protest and one person was pushed aggressively.

Guards and centre managers are asking detainees to go to their rooms and come to talk to the managers one-by-one or in pairs. Detainees have refused and ask the management/staff to come and listen to them in the yard.

Latest statements/testimonies from people inside today: Things are not right here:

The detainees demands are as follows:
An end to:

•        indefinite deprivation of liberty and human rights
•        the use of “Detained Fast Track”
•        bias and incompetence in case-handling by the Home Office
•        unlawful forced removals
•        stressful and degrading conditions which they describe as “mental torture” and which lead many to self-harm
•        overcrowded accommodation “comparable to animal cages”
•        refusals to return those who want to go back to their countries of origin

One person detained said today:
‘The protesters outside are really the energy for us’

Take action! Join the resistance!  A small group of people can make a lot of noise if they try outside the detention centres at Harmondsworth and Colnbrook! People are gathered in the courtyard and ask for us to go by and support.

For updates follow @AntiRaids or @followMFJ  or @detainedvoices

Source: http://rabble.org.uk/harmondsworth-today-continued-protest/


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