Greece Prisoner Hunger Strike Suspended

Suspension of pan-hellenic hunger strike. Today, Tuesday July 1st, we suspend the mass pan-hellenic hunger strike we had begun against the legislation for the high security prisons. We suspend the hunger strike, but we do not end our mobilization. On the contrary, we are regaining our powers and warn the ministry that we will not accept the functioning of the greek Guantanamo in Domokos or anywhere. We remain suspicious towards the improvement propositions of the ministry that will be deposited on Thursday and we are ready if necessary to fight with EVERY MEAN to cancel the legislation-abnormity for the high security prisons.

We know that nothing would have been improved if we did not do the hunger strike. But the ministry should know that against the organized silence imposed by the Mass Media by hiding the BIGGEST HUNGER STRIKE ever (4500 prisoners on hunger strike), from now on, we change the means of struggle and if necessary we will continue with stronger forms of resistance. An intelligent being will understand.. initiative commission of prison struggle.

Prison Struggle Committee

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