Thursday 7th March: Prisoner Letter Writing Evening Plus Talk From Belarussian Comrade

belarussiananarchoAs part of our regular prisoner letter writing evenings on Thursday 7th March we will be hosting the Bristol leg of a speaking tour by a comrade from Belarus ABC. They will be talking about the anarchists currently held in Belarussian prisons and the solidarity work needed to support them.

We will also be serving a selection of traditional Belarussian snacks. We invite you to join us from 6:30PM at Kebele (14 Robertson Road, Easton, abcBS56JY) to write letters to imprisoned comrades, eat some tasty food and listen to this inspiring talk.

Our prisoner letter writing evenings are a regular event that take place on the last Thursday of every month at Kebele. Each month we will be serving a array of snacks along with a talk/discussion/film about prisoner solidarity and the work we do at Bristol ABC.

If you’d like to get involved, help cook or would like to suggest a theme for one of our evenings please e-mail us at:


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