Call for witnesses and footage from arrest on Saturday

From Bristol Defendant Solidarity:

During the anti-EDL mobilisation in Bristol on Saturday 14th July, a white male of medium build 5f 9” blonde short hair wearing a grey hoody, blue grey jeans, and red boots, was arrested near Redcliffe Bridge (Redcliffe side) around 2:30pm approximately.

The EDL were marching over the bridge, while there was a group of around 50 anti-fascists being held back by police, and possibly cordoned off. The individual was then jumped on by several police officers and later charged with section 6 of the public order act and two counts of assault pc. He has since pled not guilty.

One of the assault pc charges was from between half an hour and an hour before, on the Waterfront by Redcliffe Bridge, while police were pushing against a crowd of anti-fascist protesters. The defendant is accused of dragging a police officer into the crowd. The other charges were from the time of the arrest.

We are in need of witness statements, video footage, and any information, which would help towards a defence in court for trial. Please contact bristolarresteesupport[at] or phone 07746741104 if you can help.

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