Prisoner support at the bookfair and comutiny

bookfair mural in the city centre

bookfair mural in the city centre

Bristol ABC prisoner support group will have a stall at this Saturday’s Bristol anarchist bookfair. We’ll have lots of info/advice about supporting prisoners and writing to them, along with lists of prisoners requesting to support. If you are nervous about writing to a prisoner, fear not – we’ll have postcards on the day you can use.

We also recommend a visit to the Bristol EDO Decommissioners support campaign stall. Their trial is due to start ion 6 weeks, and of course Elija (James) Smith is still in prison.

We also have a new batch of red or olive green t-shirts, in 2 designs, both with the Bristol ABC logo on the arm, which we are selling to raise funds for our work. They are quality shirts costing no more than £8, and we’d be open to negotiation if you cant quite afford that.

You can find our stall right next to our friends from Haven Distribution (Books to prisoners), who have some quality political books for sale cheap to raise funds for their project. In the evening we will all be going to the bookfair after-party, which is a joint fundraiser for the bookfair and for Haven. This will feature a rare set from Gary Clail, formerly of Tackhead & On-U Sound, and our older supporters are very excited about that!

bookfair after-party flyer

bookfair after-party flyer

Next week ABC will have a letter-writing workshop as part of the week of Bristol CoMutiny events. This will be on Wednesday 16 September from 7 to 9pm, at the CoMutiny convergence centre. It replaces our usual ‘2nd Wednesday of the month’ session for this month only. We’ll be explaining the work of ABC and introducing people to prisoner support, please do come along. Remember, they are inside for us, we’re outside for them. Check out the whole CoMutiny timetable, and get along to as much of their events and actions as you can.


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