Not guilty? Get your DNA wiped!

The growing retention of people’s DNA by the state, from birth upwards, often when the individual is guilty of no crime, is just one aspect of the ever growing authoritarian state and prison society controlling our daily lives.

Good news then that some people who have had their DNA taken, and then found not guilty (or never charged), are getting their DNA wiped from the state’s databases – even if a most well known case is Tory MP Damian Green. Now Liberty, with the backing of Dianne Abbott MP, are going to try and remedy some more cases of wrongly held DNA. Here’s an invite from them that may be useful, not just for innocent activists, but for innocents everywhere:

Advice Clinic on how to wipe your DNA from the Government database

Do you know anyone who has had their DNA sampled and put on the government database?
Were they innocent of any crime?
Do you know that the European Court of Human Rights has ruled it is illegal to keep innocent people’s DNA for no good reason?

Tory MP Damian Green recently had his DNA wiped off the database because he is innocent of any crime. Diane Abbott MP believes that what is good for Damian Green is good for everybody else. So on the 25th September Diane Abbott MP and the human rights charity Liberty will be holding a DNA database clinic in Hackney. If you, or anyone you know, has not been convicted of a crime but has their DNA on the national DNA database and would like advice on getting their DNA wiped off the database, then call the number below. Lawyers from Liberty will be on hand at the clinic to offer help and advice on the DNA database.

To book an appointment at the clinic call: 020 7378 3668 or 020 7378 3657. Alternatively you can email: The clinic will take place on the 25th September from 4.30 – 6pm in Hackney, London.

More info: some useful info on DNA and other civil rights issues on this blog. Plus of course keep up to date with the Euro state with Statewatch.


3 responses to “Not guilty? Get your DNA wiped!

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  2. I still think the aim is to have everybody micro chipped…

    Amber Alert sponsored by the Freemasons supports the chipping of children.

  3. Carolyn Yoxall

    Family friend was falsely convicted of murder 16 years ago without DNA testing. At first they said they found sperm in the victims mouth, but when they found out that the accused had a vasectomy they said there was no DNA evidence. After the trial some of the jurors came forward and said that they were thretened with violence if they didn’t come back with a guilty verdict. I want to bring this out in the open and could use some advice or help, it would be most appreciated.

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