Things to do to support Bristol’s EDO Decommisioners on remand

The Bristolians who took action to decommission the EDO military hardware manufacturer in Brighton need our support, and in particular the 2 who remain on remand.

We need to be clear that not only do they all face a serious criminal trial for their action, they also face a political trial. Not only because they themselves are making a political defence – that they acted to prevent the greater crime of war crimes – but also because any such action is treated politically by the state. The state cannot allow itself to be seen to tolerate in any way such an attack on the military industrial complex, also known as ‘making a profit from wars’.

Whilst the majority of defendants are at least out on bail and able to enjoy the support and solidarity of friends and other campaigners, 2 defendants remain on remand and that is not a good place to be. Getting locked up in the repressive prison system is not fun, particularly when you know the state wants to nail you. Being alone in prison can be quite scary, staring for hours at a ceiling or blank wall can begin to play tricks with your mind, and you need to stay strong. For that you need support. Every anti-war and anti-militarist campaigner needs to be clear that supporting fellow activists doing time should be an intrinsic part of their activity. It could after all be them one day soon!

So here are a few practical things everyone can do:

1. Write to the 2 defendants in prison. Even if you don’t know them, a simple postcard expressing solidarity would suffice. Maybe send an SAE too so they can write back. If you aren’t sure how to go about it see here and here. Write to:
Elijah Smith, VP7551 (his prison number), and Robert Alford, VP7552. Both at HMP Lewes, 1 Brighton Rd, Lewes, East Sussex, BN7 1E

2. Check out the defendants website and get in touch with the campaign. Help with publicity, fundraising, meetings, even the legal case. Whatever you can do.

14-feb_draft-flyer_small13. Sign their petition. Help put pressure on the authorities in any way you feel comfortable doing. Support and/or take other action against the arms race and wars.

4. Support fundraisers for the campaigns (and have a good night out too). We have made a small donation to the defendants campaign, and are helping out with a fundraiser at the Plough, in Easton on February 14. Do come along.

Solidarity with the defendants and their campaign!

6 responses to “Things to do to support Bristol’s EDO Decommisioners on remand

  1. Does any one now how Elijah and Robert got on yesterday in court. We they freed or are they still being held on remand ?

  2. On monday in Brighton magistrate’s court defendants in the EDO Decommissioners Case
    had charges of Burglary dropped and replaced with Conspiracy To Cause Criminal Damage.

    The committal hearing of the case formally handed it over to the Crown Court.

    Robert Alford who is on remand in Lewes Prison was refused a bail application to reside in Brighton.

    Elijah Smith also on remand was moved to a prison in Bristol on Sunday for ‘security reasons.’

    The CPS said the estimated cost to EDO MBM ITT as a result of the January 17th decommissioning action was now £300,000.

    There will be a further pre-trial hearing of the case on May 8th.

    Shouldn’t it be EDO/ITT being charged with conspiracy to criminal damage.
    It is their weapons that are being used to commit criminal damage.
    (and murder. and war crimes. and crimes against humanity. and genocide.)
    The police are actively protecting the criminals.

  3. Thanks for the update according to the decommissioners site :-

    Elijah Smith VP7551 address is now
    HMP Bristol, 19 Cambridge Road, Horfield, BS7 8PS

  4. Elijah Smith, XP7551

    In court today via aideo link to Brighton.
    In Yate, thursday.
    Maybe in Brighton Monday and/or Tuesday 12th/13th October.
    keep an eye open for details as they change fast and regularly,
    I.e. James’ prison number.
    once again it is:-
    Elijah Smith, XP7551
    Jails may change however.

  5. This page is long out of date.
    Robert is out on bail.

  6. Apols if people think this page is out of date…but its not a ‘page’, its a ‘post’ on the blog. Later ‘posts’ have more updated info on James and the other defendants. If you click on the ‘EDO 6’ under ‘tags’ (top of screen on right) you’ll reach the other/latest posts. We suggest you dont add further comments to this post. Instead check this latest one here

    Yes Robert Alford is out on bail, and has raytheon cases coming up.
    Elijah ‘James’ Smith is still on remand after being refused bail again this week. He is currently back at Lewes prison, and will be there until about 5 November, when he faces a trial at Maidstone for threatening the CEO of EDO at an earlier court hearing.
    NOTE: James’s prison number is VP7551 (Not XP). HMP Lewes, 1 Brighton Rd, Lewes, East Susses, BN7 1EA.
    Keep writing to him please.

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