New campaign against proposed Titan prisons

Bristol ABC has attended the three founding meetings of a new campaign:

Communities of Resistance (CoRe) – Building a campaign against Titan prisons

The campaign has now been formally launched. Leaflets and more info available soon. If you live in the Bristol area and want to know more, or get involved, please contact Bristol ABC. We would be particularly interested to hear from prisoners and their families.

The new campaign has this to say:

We are living in a time of global mass incarceration. Prisons are overflowing, imprisonment rates are sky-rocketing and prison costs are spiralling out of control.

Despite these trends, prisons have failed to make our communities safer. Prisons have failed to protect our neighbourhoods and have failed to stop violence against women, migrants, people of colour / ethnic minorities, poor communities, queer and trans people, children, youth and people with mental health issues. Prisons have instead fostered more violence and oppression. With the government about to embark on an enormous £2.3 billion prison building spree, including construction of the three massive ‘Titan’ prisons, the time to act is now.

We are calling on everyone with an interest in community organizing, social justice and anti-prison activism to join in the movement to stop the violence of prisons. Communities of Resistance (CoRe) is a new collective that is committed to the struggle against prison expansion in Britain. Our first project is launching a campaigns is to Stop the Titan Prisons.”

Get involved – contact details:

post: PO Box 74, Brighton, BN1 4ZQ, UK

1. Working statement on what is CoRe –
2. 10 reasons to oppose Titan prisons –

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