Certain Days Freedom for Political Prisoners 2009 Calendar

Certain Days 2009 Calendar

Certain Days 2009 Calendar

Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners Calendar
The calendar is a joint fundraising and educational project between outside organisers in Montreal, and three Political Prisoners being held in maximum-security prisons in New York state: Herman Bell, David Gilbert and Robert Seth Hayes. The initial project was suggested by Herman, and has been shaped throughout the process by all of our ideas, discussions, and analysis. All of the members of the outside collective are involved in day-to-day organising work other than the calendar, on issues ranging from refugee and immigrant solidarity to community media to prisoner justice. We work from an anti-imperialist, anti-racist, anti-capitalist, feminist, queer and trans positive position.

Email us to purchase a copy of the
2009 Certain Days Prisoner Solidarity calendar
Regular price
£7 (including postage within UK)
Solidarity price (£1 goes to Bristol ABC):
£8 (including postage within UK)

Please add £1.65 for postage to mainland Europe

If you decide to order by post, please make cheques payable to:
Kebele Kulture Project
and send your order to:
Bristol ABC
c/o Kebele Social Centre
14 Robertson Road
Bristol, UK

Please make sure you give us the address of where you would like the calendars sent!


One response to “Certain Days Freedom for Political Prisoners 2009 Calendar

  1. These calenders are absolutely incredible – beautiful words and art. Go

    They include a letter by a collective of people in a prison in Colombia. A bunch of the calenders have just arrived at the solidarity house where I am staying in Bogota so I got to look through it, first just browsing but then quickly drawn in to the stories.

    They are on route to being delivered to people in this collective. Nice act.

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