Bristol Defendant Solidarity has recently been supporting defendants in court who are facing charges and prison as a result of the riots in Stokes Croft in April 2011. Several people have been convicted over the last months and most are receiving prison sentences of 14-16 months. In the face of the revenge of the state, we restate our commitment to effective, lasting support and solidarity with all those arrested and imprisoned after the unrest. Continue reading…


Some of you may have come to this page because you have been stopped & searched. While this page talks about demos, it is also the best guide if you have been stopped for other reasons: Stop & Search Info

There is also this app to monitor stop & searches for your smart phone: Phone App

If you have experienced a Stop & Search and would like advice you are welcome  to e-mail or call us (see below).

Or see our other pages:

Resources for distributing:

Email: bristoldefendantsolidarity[at]
Phone: 07746741104


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